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Pam from US

March 2 at 9:46 am
Pls pray for my two grown children to return to the Lord and finances for my son to move quickly from his current residence. For much favor and blessings! Also I need finances to move quickly to a quiet and peaceable habitation! Thanks!

Tammy from US

March 2 at 9:44 am
I pray for good physical and mental health for my husband, children and all my grandchildren. I pray for financhelp for us all. I Bless God for all the blessings he has bestowed upon me and my family.

joseph from US

March 2 at 9:43 am
loving father, please that I wont obsess over the tingling in my feet I have been doing so well recovering from the anxiety, please father God, in jesus name amen love jpb God bless you all for praying!!!

Yamkho on from IN

March 2 at 9:06 am
please pray for me and my family to be a channel of blessing to Jerusalem and Gods chosen people. And also please pray for our children to live according to the will of God and for their good health. May Hasem be glorified in our family. May our prayer for the peace of Jerusalem continues for the glory of God. Halleluyah!

Radio Nestor Regis from CF

March 2 at 9:02 am
Pray for the weather. I would like the people of God to join me pray for planet earth our planet. We do not have two planets except this one. Today this planet is seriously under treat of destruction before God set time . nThe ozone layers protecting the earth have been damaged. Consequently heat, cold rain is much. God can replace this layers if His people pray. 2 Chron 7: 14. Let's pray for our planet .I also covet your prayer for my family, my ministry. We are processing our ministry recognition in Mali our missionary field. Pray for Mali. There are much resistance to the Gospel in this land; But with the help of God people around the world, we can win this battle. Mission is a challenge. Pray for my family that God sustain and support, give us victory and prosper our work.

jpb from US

March 2 at 8:48 am
please kindly pray that the back of the left side of my left foot be healed where the doctor took out the litte cysts in jesus name amen God bless you for praying!!

maureen from JM

March 2 at 8:29 am
I would like prayer for my husband Glenroy, daughter Latanya and myself Maureen Stewart. Pray that our purpose will be accomplished on the earth and pray for all our unsaved family and friends to come to know Christ. And for the all the world as a matter of fact. Thank you

Tom from US

March 2 at 8:15 am
Father God, I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, that they will flourish and prosper, and that your hand of protection will be over the entire nation of Israel. Thank you for your goodness and that we may come before your throne. Just recently I had prostrate surgery, and I am standing on your promises, that I am healed by the Stripes of Jesus, and this affliction will never ever rise up again. I am declaring and claiming total healing and wholeness, in the name of Jesus my Lord and Saviour.


March 2 at 8:11 am
Father, I'm tired of asking for material things I realize if I seek you all those things will be added unto me. I just want to produce more fruit in my life. I want people to look at me and see you. Less of me and more of you. I want more of your power and glory in my life. I want to see people that I have prayed for over the years healed, delivered and set free of bondages and addictions that have held them bound. I want to see my sons grow and become the men you have called them to be. I just want what you want for your people our nation and for Israel in your beloved son Christ Jesus I pray and ask all things.

F from US

March 2 at 8:08 am
Magistic-Sovereign Lord, You are worthy to have ALL control and You have ALL the power and authority. Help not to fear letting go of control. Help me surrender and give my whole heart away undefended. I don't want to be defensive or prideful. Shame and fear and criticism and disqualification and accusation pursue me. Often I grab the hand of lies birthed out of wounds. Hatred and death. NONE of these have the victory No, Jesus is the Victorious One. I need You Jesus. To be humble and grateful receive the love You have for me and joy and gifts of life. I want to be free I'm afraid to be free. If You are FOR me WHO can be against me?! I know You are the One to partner with. I cut ties and break Agree amends with everything that comes against You Jesus in my life. I receive You and trust You. Please help me change and be willingly more open For You are for me and I desire to be on Your side. That is the safe side. Increase my faith, my hope, my love that I may be free and set people free.

Zam K Lian from US

March 2 at 7:58 am
Honestly asking, I Joseph and my family greatly need God's protecting, providing, healing and leading during and after trial and treat so that we may overcome and have a life of liberty and happiness. Thank you for your love and faithful prayer. God bless you all. Thank you. Joseph.

Scott from CA

March 2 at 7:33 am
Dear Lord; I humbly pray that Israel will be spared from the threats of nuclear annihilation from her neighbors and that cooler heads prevail in the peace process for a solution to the problems of the Middle East.

brenda moore from US

March 2 at 7:32 am
God Bless this Purim. Let me continue to learn more about God's prophetic plan for the Jewish people and those of us who love them. Thank you for the freedom that comes from the power of worship of God Almighty. I am proud to be part of this amazing plan. AMEN

Olivia from US

March 2 at 7:29 am
Total healing for husband, son, and me...also we need direction for a life changing move. We greatly need the Lord's guidance in this matter. Thanks..

Esther from US

March 2 at 7:21 am
Thank you, precious Lord for all you are and all you do, that you are in complete control of all and your plans for each one are in place. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem, protection for your Chosen People, the Jews, my brothers and sisters. I pray for Mike Evans and team for safety, wisdom, courage and all needed for the work you've called him to do. I pray for our President, his family and team for protection, wisdom, courage and give him unity in our government to help our nation. Encourage and empower all the ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ, missionaries and those in spreading the gospel. Bless all our military with ability to succeed, encouragement and their faithfulness in protecting our country. Bless our law enforcement, fire fighters and those that help in the most extreme situation. And bring our many families to the saving knowledge of your precious love and salvation. Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness and unmatched love!

Lorraine from GB

March 2 at 6:57 am
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I pray that the Lord my God answers my prayers for blessings on my son Richard and grandson Dante, that they will know the Lord our God and give themselves unto him. There is no other God, but the Lord God Yahweh, only he can and will restore Jerusalem his beloved country he has chosen as his own. May his coming be soon as we all wait patiently for his deliverance on us all in Jesus name. Amen.

rebecca from US

March 2 at 6:37 am
God, I thank you for your goodness and your faithfulness. Thank you for your people. Bless them Lord and continue to make them prosperous in the Name of Jesus! I bless them and pray for hedges of protection as we are nearing your coming. Thank you that we can come to your throne because of Jesus.

Lisa campbell from US

March 2 at 6:13 am
Father in the name of Jesus christ please protect your children in Jerusalem and all over the world. I ask for salvation for my family and for a way for me to get my Green Card thank you Jesus. Amen

Gerald Brock from US

March 2 at 6:12 am
Dear God, Please be with The Jerusalem Prayer Team and the leaders. Please be with the other requests that are on this page. Please be with my Fellow Missionaries and help us to do Your Will. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

cherry Esguerra from PH

March 2 at 6:08 am
pls pray for salvation and complete healling of all my love ones and friends..Restored relationship between my husband Ricky and eldest son Michael...a good Chrustian wife for my son Mark and for his spiritual growth as well as of Michael's family in Canada...That i may sell my lots good buyer. for always good emoloyees and creativity in our bakeshop bu siness....More of JESUS in our lives...and whatever JESUS has entrusted to us be used for HIS glory.For our safe Cruise vacation this March.....Amen......... Also all that would go on vacation employes relatives...

Blaise Pascal DONG from CM

March 2 at 5:55 am
Que l’Eternel pardonne toutes mes iniquités et celles de tous les membres de ma famille et qu’il guérisse toutes nos maladies. Que la Gloire de l’Eternel nous couvre et nous accompagne. Que la crainte de l’Eternel croisse en nous de sorte que nous nous détournions du mal pour que cela apporte la guérison à nos corps et un rafraîchissement à nos os.

Al lohn from US

March 2 at 5:44 am
Lord God, watch over your people. Let no harm come to them and let there be peace and happiness in the world. Thank you Lord for listening to me, Amen Al Lohn

Sheila from ZW

March 2 at 5:42 am
Lord, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, please make a way for my son"s tuition fees, accomodation and food on campus at the University of Pretoria in South Africa for the next four years. I am a divorced single mother who retired from work due to ill health. I need a financial miracle.

Kevin from US

March 2 at 5:35 am
For my son, Kevin, that he may recover from the injuries sustained in the accident and that the next surgery will be the last and it may proceed successfully. I pray to almighty God that my son may return to Him spiritually, that my son let God into his life and admit that God is in control. May God bless Israel and there may be peace in Jerusalem.

dave from US

March 2 at 5:33 am
Lord , please help my son Chris with all hes doing with a business he trying to open up,and all our family health and money problems. Thank you for JPT, and the Fellowship and help them and others to be there to help support Israel . Thank you for everything that you have done for us already.Plea se keep a watchful eye over Israel and the US. Thank you Lord, AMEN

Enrico from CO

March 2 at 5:19 am
I am a part of an awakening boost of the Holy Spirit down here in my loved Cali, Colombia. I belong to a House of Prayer and every Thursday we have a two hour Set where we pray for Israel and Jerusalem. I ask for your support in prayers so we can keep praying for Israel and fulfill Gods will. May the Lord bless U all!!!

Michael from US

March 2 at 5:16 am
Prayers first for me and my family’s salvation in Jesus Christ. Secondly, Pray for my finances, that I may have the opportunity to help others who are less fortunate, and win souls to Christ, to give God all the Glory in Jesus Christs holy name!

Stephani from US

March 2 at 5:15 am
Peace in the world, that all of creation is loved, respected, encouraged, and compelled to love and take care of all things from the smallest to the largest. Let no harm come to any of creation.

GJR from US

March 2 at 4:51 am
Hallelujah Shalom Hosanna Emmanuel Light of the World I praise the living God I sing a song to you To the one who strip me of all fear To the one who promises to always be near To the one who says see and look My name is written in His book The title of the book is Eternal Life I praise the living God and sing a song to You Who has prapred a crown for me of crystal pearls and In ruby red the name JESUS is what it says Now ready to be adorned upon my head The world can not offer me the joy He has provided me Now come and join to sing a song with me I praise the living God and sing a song to You Love is all we have ever sought for it was bought by a higher cost and every drop of royal divine blood now set apart to impart my very DNA flows with it filled with authority and power to overcome by His blood, and my testimony shall be my song to the one who blessed all alone, I sing a song to the living God, I raise my song to You, may my praise be pleasant in Your eyes & be glorified

Charles from GY

March 2 at 4:40 am
Lord let you Mercy and Love infuse into the lives of the oppressed, the poor and down trodden. Let the workers of Evil find no success in their works. Bless our Church Leaders, guide, them and strengthen them to proclaim your your message of Hope andthe reward of Justice in this World!

Franklin Poku from GB

March 2 at 4:35 am
1. I petition God to intervene in my daughter's secondary application so that she can be offered a place at her first choice school. 2. I petition God to grant me favour with my destiny helpers and connectors, bankers, employers, people in high positions and mortgage lender. 3. I petition God to bless me with one creative idea for wealth for the sake of the Gospel, Amen.

Jena from US

March 2 at 4:25 am
Prayers for favor form the lord for the ppl who are coming to look at my house again for them to make a decent offer in house for god to move hem in this situation for the blood of yeshua to protect Israel thank u

Di from US

March 2 at 4:04 am
Healing for those in home group, Jinnie, Jeanine, Donna, Bianca and Di. Pray for blessings and protection over Israel. Pray for wisdom from the Lord to rest on our leaders in US.

Esther Galiwango from UG

March 2 at 3:51 am
The God of Israel please protect me and my family, my children give them salvation, protection, prosperity and wisdom and understanding. I need money to get out of debts and suffering. The God of Israel I love you

Margaret from US

March 2 at 3:50 am
I pray for the salvation of my children. I pray for a Good Godly husband, and a miracle in my finances. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I pray God's protection over our President and his family, God give him wisdom

Paul from US

March 2 at 3:49 am
I pray for supernatural healing direct from God.. Nothing else will suffice. I pray for God to rid me of all demons and I pray for his holiness to wave his mighty hand and cure man of evil!

Margaret from US

March 2 at 3:46 am
Pray for supernatural debt freedom (mortgage and loans) I am a widow. plus healing for me, my children and grandchildren. (Asthma, allergies, arthritis, food addiction, overeating, heart issues - now - this year. Thanks MJ

Bjørn from NO

March 2 at 3:34 am
Be with me and pray for peace and blessing of Israel, Jerusalem, and and the people of God. Pray also for good health for me and my family. God bless you all.

David Kennedy from US

March 2 at 3:17 am
I pray that God will manifest Himself and show me great and mighty things to come in area of finances, healing of my back, my children will be saved filled with the Holy Ghost . I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and Pastor Mike Evans. I pray that God will heal my land , That He will bless the least, the last and the lost that society has labeled. I pray God will the shift atmosphere in the United States to let them know You are the true and living God. I pray financial miracles come in from the north south east and west now. I place a demand on these prayers Daddy in Jesus name. Amen

Elizabeth from PH

March 2 at 3:04 am
I posted my prayer request here last month.God made miracles.He answered my is my prayer that my family will grow in knowing HIM.healing for my lumbar problem and increase of my faith in everything.Thank you Jerusalem prayer team.

Elizabeth from PH

March 2 at 3:03 am
I posted my prayer request here last month.God made miracles.He answered my is my prayer that my family will grow in knowing HIM.healing for my lumbar problem and increase of my faith in everything.Thank you Jerusalem prayer team.

Kola from NG

March 2 at 2:55 am
Oh Lord, Jehover Rapha, heal me of this Spondilitis and connect my daughter's husband to her now in Jesus' Name Amen. Thank You Lord for speedy answer to my prayers.

Kila from US

March 2 at 2:47 am
Father, I pray that you will bless me, my children, my Mother, and grandchildren. Father, please protect me today as I travel in his storm that no hurt harm or danger will come to me or my daughter. Please, father, bless my daughter with favor that her business will be a success.


March 2 at 2:34 am
Mr right foot was amputated, please pray for God's healing virtues on my life. The South African Government has been inflicted with corruption for the past few years and only one class of people are being taken care of. Please pray for South Africa that the country will be managed under the new government that has come into ower on 15 February 2015. God Bless You!

Moni from NG

March 2 at 2:29 am
Pls pray for 10yr old Akanimo Ekanem from Nigeria who is sick of a rare type of cancer, receiving treatment in US now, that God in His mercy will touch him and do what only Him can do in his life in Jesus name

Anna Nyman from SE

March 2 at 2:15 am
Kvarnforsplan 5 . 3 Tr Bättre ekonomi då den nu är körd i botten de e bara maken Anders Nyman som har lite under 10 000 kvar på sitt konto å de måste räcka till oss tre vuxna 2 bilar mat och en massa annat. . Är i desperat behov av även annat boende

Carole Darling from GB

March 2 at 2:12 am
I pray for England that the powers that be come to their senses and deport all the foreign criminals and peodophiles who are attacking our young people. For housing illegals and people who refuse to work leaving our young people and our ex military to life on the streets. I pray to God in your infinite wisdom that you will guide this government to do the right thing. We have a lot of Satans disciples amongst us as the bible predicts.God bless us all.

Rosemary from US

March 2 at 2:00 am
My husband, Kevin needs healing of his lungs, stomach, and mind, my Son Michael needs his own relationship with Jesus for healing his mind and heart, his Father died a year and a half ago and his birthday is the fifth of March. My Brother, Frederick, has Parkinson's disease brought on by Lyme disease, and spiritual healing. Our mental health is being attacked also. Pray for protection, healing, and wisdom. In Jesus' name, Amen

Ronald from GB

March 2 at 1:35 am
Margaret. Has been suffering with knee pains for over a year and the hospitals are very slow to help. I pray for complete Spiritual healing and strength to her legs, and no need for an operation. In Jesus name.

Elisheva from IN

March 2 at 1:15 am
My son left me in Old Age Home is place like a Asylum,playing to Adonai that He will remove me from this dire place. I will be 77 year in July,have been neglect ed and needs healing from diabetes. I do pray for HolyNation Israel.

Aku Peace Gbordzoe from GB

March 2 at 1:14 am
I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and that the Lord will Protect and Preserve his chosen ones the Jewish people wherever they may be. For those outside of Israel l pray for them to Aliyah back in Jesus name Amen. Also for the Salvation of their souls. Please pray for my 3 daughters for the Salvation of their souls and that the Lord will provide us our own home for the family as we're currently homeless. I pray in Jesus name Amen. SHALOM

Charles Kingsford Donkor from GH

March 2 at 1:10 am
It is written in the Book of Joel 2:25. And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you. I pray in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth: What ever Israel has lost from the past the Lord God should restore, The Peace of Jerusalem, the Land that was given to Abraham as an inheritance. The whole word should recognise Jerusalem as Israel's Capital. I pray that the Great God of Israel should write the names of my household and I in the Lamb's Book of Life. The God of Israel should let His Kingdom to come on earth. Amen.

Mfon Charlie Udoudo from NG

March 2 at 12:55 am
*Pray God to increase my fire for His glory bless me with wisdom all round. *Connect me and my husband to a good job and financial favours, open door,riches, strength, honour, God's glory,and blessings. *Cause war to cease in my local government area. *Fruitfulness in my marriage. *Bless me with a true friend. *Untimely dead and generational sickness to cease in my family. *Put and end to every spirit of disappointment, low self esteem, near syndrome success, hatred without cause, promise and fail, delay,stagnation, shame depration. * Cloth me with beauty...

Jakoyo Jonah from KE

March 2 at 12:48 am
To ALL my Jewish Brothers, Praise be to the Holy One of Israel. Purim at 70, it is time to end Captivity, Jeremiah 29: 10. It is a new beginning. Your Place is secured and assured before Almighty GOD. Please Pray for us LUO tribe in Kenya. Just like the Samaritan woman, even dogs eat from that which fall from the table. I confess the sins of our fathers, and ourselves this day. Our Traditions and practices are so close to Jewish people. Like the Israelite and blacks, we are so discriminated here, and we have sank so deep in sin as a result. May God raise us, His servants to lead us in His ways. As for us children of Naftaly Otiende, Samuel & Deborah Jakoyo, i, Jonah, & my house, we have chosen the Holy God of Israel to be our God. Fear not Israel, the Lord Keep watch over you and be a pillar of cloud on a hot sunny day and a ring of fire by night amen. May we share in the joy of the cross of our LORD JESUS and the world may desire Your God our GOD. the LORD BLESS YOU amen

Laura Kim from US

March 2 at 12:45 am
Praying for a night move of God in Terre Haute Indiana like never before! For His Glory to be revealed ...for the Church to awaken and rise up and seek His Face and be Totally Surrendered to Jesus

Linda from GB

March 2 at 12:41 am
Shushan Purim Sameach Jerusalem & other walled cities, Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem and Israel & for more people to find this Prayer Wall that G-d may be glorified! In Yeshua's name - Amien! In anticipation of the return of OUR Messiah Yeshua!!

Gerald from US

March 2 at 12:41 am
Praying for supernatural debt cancellation. That our oldest daughters turn their hearts back to God. Also, that my brothers receive financial help. Finally, God's blessings over all of us as we continue to keep the faith. Amen.

Esther from ZA

March 2 at 12:33 am
I need prayers for my elder son - heart problems, my other son is 15 years old and is smoking. I am praying that G-d help him quit. I also need urgent prayers for funding for my organization. Thank you.

Darius from ZM

March 2 at 12:28 am
My prayer request involves -: 1; To have the power so that I continue to be in prayers of -: a, preaching the gospel to the lost. Especially in prisons and interpersonal outreach. B, So that my God open for me the doors of going in the mission in the foreign land to go and preach the love of Christ to the lost. In this case , pray for me that our God , the God who called Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who became Israel to provide me resources. Lastly pray for my family so that the Lord reviews himself to them in order to have one heart of serving Him.

Victor from NG

March 2 at 12:27 am
Pray that my uncle Alhaji Gbadamosi Raufu ( a Muslim) get converted and come to the saving power of Jesus I pray God to convince and save a cousin of mine Abolore Gbadamosi and bring him to the knowledge of Christ. I personally need more of God's Strength and grace for life and ministry. Also for his power to be made known in my life and through me to the world.

Debra from US

March 2 at 12:26 am
Please pray for my financial well being and a strong commitment to seek the face of God Thank you for all prayer. May God make his face to shine upon you.

Shawanda from US

March 2 at 12:19 am
Chag Sameach. Blessed Purim. Shalom. Prayerfully asking God for provision for full-time employment, along with a vehicle/transportation of my own. Favor with financing company, along with the dealer. ASAP! Amen.

Nki from GB

March 2 at 12:19 am
Please pray for my sister Sarah who has terminal cancer of the colon. It is spreading fast and all we need now is a miracle. That the Great Physician heal her and restore all her damaged cells with new ones in Jesus mighty name.

S.Lewis from US

March 2 at 12:14 am
Please pray in agreement with me that my uncle who is an ex-con, recently released from prison, find himself a home. He is temporarily staying with my parents, and he has a sordid history/past. Please pray that God will make a way for him to get on his feet with him a home.

Calla from PH

March 1 at 11:56 pm
Please pray that the Lord gives me a source of income ASAP cuz I've been jobless for almost 2 years and my savings is depleted. Thank you and God bless you.

Lee from US

March 1 at 11:37 pm
Just over night my daughter has become ill! Please pray for her healing! We believe that By His strips she is healed! Thank you for agreeing in prayer for our precious daughter!

Rose Yanez from US

March 1 at 11:10 pm
For all my Love ones to know and follow the LORD for All to Saved. For GODS Grace upon our President and our Nation. For my life to Glorify my SAVIOR. Job and home for me. All my children to fall in love with GOD. For my Son Richard to find the bride GOD has set apart for him. GOD to restore my family. For my brothers to come to CHRIST. For GOD to be in Control of our homelessness out reach for HIM to do the Impossible. For GODS mercy upon our Nation for Revival.

Janeta A. Misa from PH

March 1 at 11:08 pm
May the Good LOrd bless us all. Physical, emotional, financial and specially spiritual. Let the traveling mercy be upon our kuya LOuie who is on board in P.S. Palios. Bless us all body, soul and spirit. Give us wisdom, knowledge, courage and strength to obey your command and let your will be done in our lives. Let your protections, provisions and presence be upon us always. That we may glorify and honor you in spirit and in truth. May we bless Israel as you bless them too. Bless all my loveones Lord this I pray and give thanks in JESUS migthy name .. Amen

Edith Chikove from ZW

March 1 at 10:54 pm
I pray for peace in Jerusalem and pray that one day the Lord Almighty will bless me with the resources to visit blessed lsrael... l pray for peace in my country during and after the upcoming elections and may the Lord give us a leader who knows the Lord Almighty... l pray for protection for my family and restoration of provisions.. l pray for good health and l also pray for the Jerusalem prayer team for the work that they are doing..

Gloria Wells from US

March 1 at 10:43 pm
We thank you Father God for being our Refuge and our Fortress for being our God in whom we put our trust. We thank you for giving your angels charge over us to keep us in all our ways. We pray that you continue to Bless our Country, our Leaders our schools, and our children. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and your chosen people. These things we pray in your Son Jesus Name. Amen.

Michele from US

March 1 at 10:42 pm
Heavenly Father, I pray that my husband will receive salvation and be saved, thus being the righteous head of the household that we need. I ask that You please help my sister find a job this month. Please watch over and protect every member of my family, especially the grandchildren. Keep us safe, oh Lord, and under your protection. Please send the Holy Spirit to minister to every friend in need, and heal my friends Scott and Bobby. Please keep Israel safe, work through our president, and bring peace to Jerusalem. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Christopher Rajiv Nair from IN

March 1 at 10:33 pm
O Lord, I pray for the peace and harmony in our country. Please protect our people especially those who are preaching the word of God. Please shower your choicest blessings on them so that the task they've been bestowed upon be fulfilled. I pray for all the Churches, Congregations, Bishops, Reverans, please bless them abundantly as they preach the word of god settle in our hearts and we abide self and surrender to you O Lord. I pray for all who are sick. Please relieve them of their pains and May your name is glorified. I pray for the children, men, and women who are in various parts of the works, die of hunger and poverty, please send your Angel to help them and take care of them and your name will be glorified. I pray for my professional career, you have given a lot O Lord. I thank you for your wisdom and guidance throughout. In the precious name of our Holi Father Amen

Carol from US

March 1 at 10:27 pm
I pray for the peace &. Protection of Israel. Please pray for my husband with terminal lung disease & severe depression, I also need prayer for continued healing of cancer & back pain relief. Thank you my brothers & sisters in the lord for your prayers. May our Lord bless you & keep you may his face shine on you & give you His peace.

Peter from AU

March 1 at 10:23 pm
Please pray for my finances that what God bless me with will be increased that i may do more for those in need .thank you Lord for meeting my needs.

Akinwumi from NG

March 1 at 10:23 pm
O God my father I pray for the nation of Israel to have victory over all her enemies hidden or known. I pray for the salvation of the soul of the leaders and all the people. The peace of God shall reign over Israel in Jesus name. I pray for the salvation of every member of my family and wisdom protection peace and dominion prosperity and good health of all of us. Any satanic power assigned to operate in our family shall die in Jesus name

Samuel from NG

March 1 at 10:22 pm
Dear Lord, Look down from heaven and see, Pour your spirit of revival on the Nation Nigeria, enthrone governments that hallow your name so that cries, hunger, joblessness and blood thirstiness may cease. And remember your word to bless those that bless Israel, give them victories in every contention and the boldness to say NO or Yes whenever the occasion so demand in Jesus Name..Amen

mary from US

March 1 at 10:11 pm
my husband Norm has a new Cancer which has formed. I pray the doctor will get all of it out, he needs no chemo, nor radiation.... Lymph nodes to be clear. I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, for all to know Ye'shua, as Lord and Savior

Tanuja from US

March 1 at 10:08 pm
Our Father in heaven thank you God you proving everything for us I am so thankful to you I bless your name ,You are Holy God Please pour out your spirit on us please make a way for us to come to Your holy land to worship You. I ask in Jesus name Amen!

Favour Abigail Oboba from NG

March 1 at 10:05 pm
I pray today for peace and unity of Jerusalem,and in all Jewish kingdom, peace for all nation, peace in Nigeria, all over the world God should heal the wounded and the broken hearted that have lost dear ones in disaster. God should put an end to killing and shedding of innocent blood ,God should arrest the killers of Christian's that call upon the of God "he captured Saul the persecutor of Christian's" he can do it again. Peace in marriages. In Jesus mighty name amen

Tanuja from US

March 1 at 9:53 pm
Please pray for our citizen ship in this country and my husband's new job and my children and my mom and my siblings.and for me one new job Gods will

Samson gill from IN

March 1 at 9:43 pm
Thankyou lord for keeping me and my family .Thankyou for blessing me abundantelly.Father I pray that me and my family may get visa and we may visit ur holy place and jerusalem prayer team there.Sir please ful fill me dreams i shall be very thankfullto you.AMEN

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The Jerusalem Prayer Team with Dr. Michael D. Evans exists to build Friends of Zion to guard defend and protect the Jewish people and to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We pray for peace in Jerusalem because the Scriptures tell us to in Psalm 122:6. The Jerusalem Prayer Team was inspired from the 100-year long prayer meeting for the restoration of Israel held in the ten Boom family home in Haarlem, Holland. We are committed to encouraging others to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and God's Chosen People. Jerusalem Prayer Team members are also members of Churches United with Israel, Corrie Ten Boom House, Friends of Zion Heritage Center and Jerusalem World News. The Jerusalem Prayer Team mailing address is PO BOX 30000 Phoenix, AZ 85046 or you can call us at 1-888-966-8472. The Jerusalem Prayer Team is a dba of the Corrie ten Boom Fellowship. The Corrie ten Boom Fellowship is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization and is registered with the IRS, Fed Tax ID# 75-2671293. All donations to CTBF (less the value of any products or services received) are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Donations made to the Jerusalem Prayer Team are put to work immediately and are not refundable.