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March 3 at 10:56 am

Mfon Charlie from NG

March 3 at 10:44 am
I love President Trump and I pray God to bless, protect and give wisdom. God should eradicate every spirit of raising and falling in my family. God gives knowledge to my husband. God should give me understanding of his word and resurrection power. God should make me a vessel of honour to Him and the entire universe... My revelations and visions should be clear and understanding to me.

Festo from TZ

March 3 at 10:35 am
Our heavenly father, the creator of heaven and earth, I pray that you help the poor Jewish people in Israel this time when the devil is using nations to stop the effort of peace keeping in the Land. I myself stand and bless and pray for the land and will be to their side till the coming back of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

Subeesh from IN

March 3 at 9:51 am
Hi, I am Subeesh, I am looking for a job change and it's been past few years I am trying for it. So far, I have received only rejection or no response anywhere I attended. I did not completed my graduation because of family and financial issue. Now I have joined for graduation course by God grace. Please pray for new job and financial breakthrough.

Lim Buck Chai, Peter from SG

March 3 at 9:38 am
Please pray for the complete healing of my Thai Sister-in-law's Brother who is mentally deranged. His name is Poa Ningnakek. He resides in Nong Kai, Thailand. Thank you very much for standing together with me and investing your precious time believing together for Christ's complete healing for this 62 years old man who has been in this condition for decades. God bless!

Williams Morris prefa from NG

March 3 at 8:37 am
I need God to change my sorry this year. This is what I need God to do for me,twins baby. I need God to manifest his power over my abandoned projects. Every negative spirit in my family home disturbing me not to grow God should fight for me and put an end to it

Tonya from US

March 3 at 7:42 am
Please pray for the salvation of my father and healing of his severe back pain and for my son to turn back to Jesus. For wisdom and strength to stay and stand on the promises of God in a very difficult job. God is so faithful and He is good!

Patricia from US

March 3 at 7:32 am
Repentance and Revival for the whole United States...And around the World ...Heal all their hearts through Jesus and the cross, Lord ....Bless Israel and Jerusalem.... Amen

Dexter from US

March 3 at 7:30 am
My job for most of my adult life has been to protect people and society(for about 33 years now). I often work with the military as well. These years have been the hardest because terrorists threats are everywhere along with every other type of evil out there. And now I'm being exposed to all type of challenges potientily all over the world. Please pray that I will be even like King David who protected his people with the hand of God with out failure. And that God with strengthen me and gIvE me victory over all evil threats like he did with Joshua when conquered God's enemies and took the land for the Israelites God's people. And pray that others will stand up against terrorism and all evil that plagues our society. And God would sustain me like he did Caleb son of Jephunneh who stood by God's promise to his people to gIvE them victory against their enemies when they were taken the land that God promised to the descendents of Abraham. And pray for the protection of my family/everyone.

Pam from US

March 3 at 7:16 am
I want to pray for my family...Especially my daughter Julie, who has been trying to change her life with God,,,but continually sits on the fence...There is a dark spirit that tries to pull her back..,She recently put herself in a situation of being attacked physically and she doesn't want to forgive herself and this cost her husband to lose his job...she often dwells on a past that she had that involves a spirit of darkness with cutting....I often give her the word and her husband knows deliverance ministry ,,,but they both sit on the fence,never fully getting free ...For years shes tried to beat a drug addiction for meds ,,,but always has drama to keep addiction...never fully being delivered only struggling with will power of her own... I believe her husband wants her free,but contributes to the times... They both put on masks for the church, but still need deliverance... Thank you and please pray for her and her husband... Total and complete freedom...

Glenn from US

March 3 at 6:35 am
I pray for all of God's people, and agree with those who pray likewise. All the desires of our hearts and our needs which our Father in heaven and Yeshua His Son knew of before we were born, are becoming more urgent with every day. Please forgive us who are your children and hear our prayers and cries to you. We are as one in our prayers & in our hearts for Israel and for all grafted into this great family by the Messiah. May the healing and deliverance continue and be consummated by the mighty hand of Yeshua. In the name of Yeshua we give you our prayers, Thank you God of the universe & the heavens. Thank you God of Israel. Thank you for your Son.

Donna from US

March 3 at 6:34 am
Husband Allen to be saved and filled with Holy Spirit. For Gods ministering angels of revival to be loosed on this whole earth. Protection and blessings for my family.

Bryan from AU

March 3 at 6:17 am
Father in heaven I pray for my daughters and wife to stay healthy and strong. I pray for their safety and that they will grow in the knowledge of your son Jesus Christ. I pray for my mother too who has rheumatoid arthritis, that the Lord will heal her completely of this disease. I pray for my dad and siblings that they will be safe from all illness and dangers. I pray for direction and career advancement in my field and financial stability. In Jesus Christ's Name I say these prayers, Amen.

H from CA

March 3 at 6:15 am
I ask for prayer for my family that they will have salvation and find a church where they can worship with fellow believers And I pray that you will draw us close to you and to each other H

Natasha Oloishiro from KE

March 3 at 5:33 am
-Praying for my Family to recognize that GOD of ISRAEL Is the ONLY TRUE GOD. -Praying for a STABLE and LOVING Family. -Praying that GOD will fulfill my 2022 Desire of LEADERSHIP. -Praying for Financial Breakthrough. -Praying that GOD Will FULFILL all the DESIRE OF MY HEART. In JESUS SWEET NAME. Amina.

Sheila Phillips from GB

March 3 at 4:38 am
Pray for the Jewish people who are facing anti-Semitism in the UK especially university students that Hashem will protect them and give them peace. Please pray for my husband to be saved by Gods grace thank you

Samuel Visia from PG

March 3 at 4:24 am
God almigthy, eternal God you are Holy and righteous you are mighty and powerful. God I pray for peace for your chosen nation of Israel and your chosen people. Let peace prevail with the enemies of Israel, God protect Israel and the people from harm with your divine protection from every situation and circumstances,in Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen..

Carolyn Richardson from US

March 3 at 4:16 am
After tithing and giving all this time, years, I have no money for my own needs. All my bills are late, including several mortgage payments. I’m so very discouraged in not hearing from the Lord. Not able to work as a court reporter because I’m on a cane and cannot carry necessary equipmeent. I’m so desperate as I needed finances yesterday! Pray for my daughter in law and son as she, Barb, is going through a very painful recovery from cancer surgery. My son is taking care of her and cannot work. The pressure is so great on them as well. I need HUGE miracles! Thank you taking the time to pray for me! Still praying for the peace and safety of Jerusalem!

Janisha guynes from US

March 3 at 3:49 am
Our father who art in Heaven holy be your name Give us these day our daily bread and forgive us of our trespasses as we for give those who trespasses against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from Evil.For they is the Kingdom and power and glory for ever. Mark 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave is only begotten son whosoever believing in him shall not perish.New testament.should read it And psalms1 and 23.And I ask for all to know Jesus is the way the truth and the light.May God bless jursalam from Satan.and Amen

Vivienne from GB

March 3 at 3:06 am
Dear Heavenly Father! Isreal is the apple of your eyes. Let every battle ragging against your nation, overturn and scatter in Jesus Name. Visit them and let their heart be turn to you, let the light in your glorious gospel flood their heart. Draw multitudes to you in Jesus Name

Vivienne from GB

March 3 at 2:58 am
Lord Syretta belongs to you, the baby she is carrying is from you! Heal her from all mental, and emotional issues. Touch her and make her whole again! Use her for your Glory as you promised her. You have touched her before do it again oh Lord. In Jesus name, amen

Lucas from NL

March 3 at 2:28 am
Dear Lord, our God, the God of Abraham and the God of our ancestors. We too pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We pray for Mr. Donald Trump, the current president of the USA, for his courage and boldness to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of the ancient, promised land of Israel to His chosen people. God bless Mr. Trump, Dr. Evans, the USA, Israel and my family as a whole. Thank You for hearing my prayer, gratefully in Jesus' name. Amen.

Rolf from CH

March 3 at 2:16 am
Holy Father, bless the Israelites in Israel, Father, your Holy Land. Bless the people in Gaza and the West Bank. A Federation is a Way for Pease in the Holy Country. Zion, father, is your city and the city of the Israelites. The chosen people. Amen

Soniya from BG

March 3 at 1:23 am
Dear Father in heaven,God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and our Savior, I praise you for glorious salvation you has provided for us through Your holy Beloved Son Yeshua the Messiah of Israel, who has come as only Savior to provide redeem first Israel and then other nations. So I worship You because i am saved by Your amazing grace given in Your anointed King and Savior according Your faithful promises in Holy Scripture written by Your holy Israeli prophets as Your righteous servats and true witnesses. So i pray now for Your defense, salvation, peace of Israel and deliverance from all her terror criminals enemies ,ploting again her destructions, occuping her homeland You has given to Your chosen nation for eternal heritage but yet devided, robbed and terrorised Israel.. Please arise to defense Israel from terror, injust and false antisemits islamic neonazy propaganda of enemies crimes against her and her PM Netanyahu and revenge soon to all enemies of Israel. In Yeshua Holy Name Amen

Mfon Charlie from NG

March 3 at 1:03 am
*God Almighty to bless, protect and give peace to Israel. *Bless my elder sister with a husband. * Let the God of Isreal whom I believed in send me and my husband help and blessings. *Give my husband wisdom and favour, and break every family and foundational courses upon my husband. *God should have mercy upon Nigeria, cos we have a lot of Believers here. *He should cos all my generations to know and serves Him alone . *When coming He should plz remember me and my entire family. *Someone promised to help me from Germany God should bring it to come to pass. *God should cover me with his glory

Iveta from BG

March 3 at 12:25 am
Dear Lord, I pray for the peace and protection of Israel your chosen people from all their enemies, for salvation of all Jewish people throught faith in Your Anoited One Yeshua Hamashiah our Redeemer and Savior, and for deliverace of all Your children from the hands of the wicked. Ptotect and grant peace to Jerusalem Your holy city and eternal capital of Israel Your chosen nation and deliver Your holy land and eteral iheritance of Israel from all her enemies. Please save too my mom and other relatives from their unbelief and prepare us for Your coming eternal Kingdom

Esther from ZA

March 3 at 12:20 am
I pray for the peace of Jeusalem. God bless the Jews in the four corners of the world.Hear every prayer that has neen posted on the wall and answer it. All the good things come from you God. We thank you for the blessins we recrieved and those that are to come. We pray for protection through the blood of Jesus Christ our saviour. Please grant us peace in the foreign lands where we reside,our children included. Let favour overtake us do that wr fo not know what is lack in terms of finances,health ,development and everything that is needed to live this earthly life. Shine your face upon us dear God. Alone we cannot succeed as we stumble. Lead us along the path of righteousness,oh Lord we pray. We are sinners by nature. Forgive our sinful nature and erase our sins. Your ears are not deaf so as not to hear prayer. Your hand is not that short so as not to respond to requests. Thank you through the name of Jesus. Amen

Miriama Lima from WS

March 2 at 11:43 pm
Please pray for salvation of my husband and sisters and brothers. Also for my children to be strong in the Lord. For peace and prosperity in my home and safe deliverance of our first grandchild. Thank you

Martha from AU

March 2 at 10:24 pm
Please pray for me and my children and grandchildren..Pray for my son Jeremiah to repent and seek God's kingdom first & bless him with a proper job.I need financial breakthrough in Jesus Name Amen.

Robert Gitonga from KE

March 2 at 10:24 pm
My family, ministry, businesses, protection, favour, prosperity, Revelation, gifts of the Holy Spirit, boldness and victory In the Name of Jesus

Phil from US

March 2 at 10:18 pm
In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach I ask Lord, that you turn your eyes upon the many prayers entered on this wall by those crying out to You oh Lord from the depths of their hearts. Touch each according to your will which is higher than our thoughts and desires and grant each peace beyond understanding.

Carmen M. from PR

March 2 at 9:47 pm
Sanación matrimonio de mi hija y su marido. Q su matrimonio se mantenga como el Señor dice en Su palabra ‘unidos’. Lo q el Señor une no lo separe el hombre. Gracias Padre, confiamos en ti.

Anil kujur from IN

March 2 at 9:37 pm
My name is anil kujur I love the girl named poonam kujur and I want to marry him. A few days on in between us not getting things. And I don't want to lose him in my life please help me in jesus name amen. Pls pray for my love

Ramiro Gonzalez from US

March 2 at 9:27 pm
Pray for my nephew Christian Ramirez he has a calling to serve God, but he is not obeying, his sister has a bipolar disease, depression, and someone told my sister Maria that her daughter Clarissa is possessed by a legion of spirits, her husband does not believe in God. They need to know Jesus, also, their brother Gabriel is possessed by a homosexual spirit, please pray for them, since my sister Mary started serving God, the devil started to attack her family. Pray for my finances and my future wife.

Ramiro Gonzalez from US

March 2 at 9:15 pm
I beg you to pray to our All mighty God of Israel, Abraham, Jacob and Isaac for the peace of Israel and the Second Coming of Jesus. Pray for all the world leaders to come to Jesus. Pray for my mother and relatives to accept Jesus and to stop practicing idolatry by having all types of idolatry objects in their home. I declare their home for Jesus. Pray for my spiritual life, I want a mind and heart like Jesus. Pray so that God can listen to my prayers. I want to learn to love God in a deeper way, to be closer like no other time in my life. I want to hear his voice in every moment of my life and for God to guide me in every way of my life. I need God like no other time in my life. Please pray for me I beg you from the bottom of my heart.

Larry from US

March 2 at 6:56 pm
A psalm of David to bring to remembrance. 1 Make haste, O God, to deliver me; make haste to help me, O LORD. 2 Let them be ashamed and confounded that seek after my soul: let them be turned backward, and put to confusion, that desire my hurt. 3 Let them be turned back for a reward of their shame that say, Aha, aha. 4 Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee: and let such as love thy salvation say continually, Let God be magnified. 5 But I am poor and needy: make haste unto me, O God: thou art my help and my deliverer; O LORD, make no tarrying.

Evelyn Maille from US

March 2 at 6:40 pm
Dear GOD, I pray for the peace of Israel and Jerusalem and all God's chosen people. Father, bless our President of USA, Donald Trump and his family. Guide him, give him strength, and protect him form evil doers who wish to do him harm. GOD I pray for Dr. Mike Evans, our dedicated Ambassador to the Jerusalem Prayer Team International, and all FOZ.(Friends of ZION). On a personal note, please Bless my Husband Jerry, and let him get well from his Heart problems. Lord, Thank you for all the strength you give me every day, and I pray that the serious issues I am dealing with now will cease, and the cancer diagnosis I have received will turn out to be a mistake. Most of all, Jesus, Bless my children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren, I pray for a strong presence of the Holy Spirit in each of them, especially my 20 year old Granddaughter, Lily who is living at her School for three years while she receives strong therapy, and evaluation of her future potentials. AMEN!

Debbie from US

March 2 at 6:27 pm
Dear Heavenly Father, I prayer for my dear daughter Samantha who Monday will have surgery, Please Father guide the surgeons hands for perfection and that she heals very quickly......and Father I pray for our other daughter Jessica to please get her back home safely on Sunday...and I prayer for my dear husband, brother and all of our precious grandsons for their health.....Thank You Father...In Jesus Precious Name....Amen

joe b from US

March 2 at 5:57 pm
loving father, please heal me physically and emotionally, please take away the mild sadness help me to focus again, I want so much to feel the way I did before the anxiety began 2 weeks ago, yes i'm much better , with your help, I have a little more to go, please help me in jesus name amen. God bless and thank you all for praying!!!

Harby from IE

March 2 at 5:32 pm
My dear Heavenly Father, We have been to New Zealand to see my grandad and aunties. You have been so kind to my brother he has been to church with grandad please take me to church and take my papa and mummy too Harby

Rita from US

March 2 at 5:29 pm
My sister Barbara is sick mentally, who is giving up on life. The last Friday in February she started to have seizures due to not taking her medication for just that, or any other medications she is supposed to take. She was rushed to the hospital because of the seizures along with having pneumonia. She can sure use a lot of prayers to realize that life is worth living. She knows the Lord but still doesn’t wish to go on living. She can sure use a lot of prayers at this time. Thank You to all who reads this. Rita

Leon from US

March 2 at 5:20 pm
Father GOD in The Name of JESUS. I Pray for a Miracle in My Sister and Brother in laws situation. Father I trust you will do it. In JESUS Christ Name.

Shantee from US

March 2 at 4:57 pm
Heavely Father I pray for the United States of America to be united. So much evil in in this world Lord. Help us to be like you Lord and help us not to judge people and to be kind and loving with one another. So much Warfare going around. Help me to be loving to the unjust. In the name of JESUS I pray...Amen..

Robert hill from US

March 2 at 4:23 pm
Lord please continue to poor out your spirit on us. As you lift the vail from those who cannot see, Lord fill us with your truth, your wisdom and your presence. I pray for peace in Jerusalem and peace in the hearts of your people. I pray that you soften the hearts of those that don’t know you. We anxiously await your return and ask that you continue to use us to spread your word to all corners of the world. In Jesus name. AMEN!

Peniel from MW

March 2 at 4:22 pm
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and God's continued protection of his chosen people - Israel. Pray for God to heal my son from nicotine and alcohol addictions; and help him pass with distinction in his studies. Most of all that God would use him for his glory.

prayers for son from US

March 2 at 4:12 pm
Please pray that my son gets email from medical school admission office today before EOD for interview and acceptance and that he is accepted into med school to start from fall. Jesus Christ please bless soon, I am tired and exhausted praying day and night, so Jesus please bless and be done soon. Amen, Amen.

joe b from US

March 2 at 3:57 pm
oh please loving father, that my anxiety will finally subside, yes father its much better than 2 weeks ago, just a little more to go that my blood sugar will return to where it was for so very long, and everything else in jesus name I ask amen. Thank you for all your blessings father!! love jpb God bless you all and thank you for praying!!

Pamela from GB

March 2 at 3:54 pm
Please can you pray so we can get help for our mum she has dementia. And has to go in a home but we can’t afford it. Or for my sister to have live in care . In Jesus name. It said ask and it should be given. So I’m asking thank you.

beth from US

March 2 at 3:52 pm
Father God, thank you for being so loving and caring and also Sovereign and Majestic. Strengthen and provide for and protect your people around the world to boldly and wisely share the love of Jesus. Reveal Yourself in dreams and visions and through Your Word, in Jesus' name.

Winata Setiawan from ID

March 2 at 3:31 pm
Praise God for His love. Pray for Jewish restoration, physically and spiritual. Pray for my country, Indonesia, that God pour His love upon the people. Pray for Andrew, my eldest son to get the suitable job and permit in Singapore and Otniel, my youngest who is looking for the job in hospitality. May God Father grant them the best job. Amin

Maxine from BS

March 2 at 3:26 pm
Pray for God's intervention in the daily affairs of my sons and their families. Household salvation. Owning homes instead of renting. Provide for my retirement.

Rhonda from US

March 2 at 3:14 pm
Please pray for my son to be released from his drug addiction and repair his relationships with his young children and bring him back to the Lord! Thank You

margaret Schmitz from US

March 2 at 3:04 pm
Prayers for my husband to be saved in Jesus name. My children and grandchildren salvation and to be used in God's ministry. God direct me and help to communicate with Deaf culture

DONG Pascal Blaise from CM

March 2 at 2:58 pm
Je déclare que les plans et les desseins de Dieu pour ma vie et ma famille vont s’accomplir aux temps marqués. Je déclare que le lait, le miel et toutes les meilleures richesses du Cameroun, passeront par moi et seront pour moi. Béni, favorisé, excellent en toute chose, prospérant dans toutes mes entreprises, bénéficiant de la toute suffisante grâce de Dieu, menant la vie supérieure et opérant toujours dans le surnaturel, je vais œuvrer en cette année 2018 sous le leadership de mon mentor, papa, l’Homme Dieu Oint Pastor Chris au gain de cent mille âmes au Cameroun.

Sunday from US

March 2 at 2:46 pm
That God will bless and protect Israel. 2.That God will touch the hearts of government officials holding my money in Nigeria to release it to me. 3.That my daughter Sonia would have baby soon.

Lim Buck Chai, Peter from SG

March 2 at 2:45 pm
Pray that our Daddy God bless my Nephew, Victor Lim and his family in all ways, specifically that: 1. Victor secures a good and high paying job, one which he enjoys and excel in. 2.. Victor secures an excellent final overall university grading for his impending graduation. 3. Bless Victor's Wife, Yirong that she excel both at work and at home as Wife and Mother to their Baby Son, Jireh Lim. 3. Bless baby Jireh Lim to be an exceptional chid of great gifts and talents from Daddy God. That the protector of baby Jireh is Jehovah God himself. Praise God!

Frank from US

March 2 at 2:42 pm
Praying for the Nation of Israel. Praying for all the widows and orphan. Praying for the Prime Minister and his family. Praying for Dr. Mike Evans that God will continue to bless him and his family for everything that he is doing for the chosen people of God. Praying for good health, healing and love ❤️ for myself, wife, all our children and their family and all our friends. Praying for President Trump and his family. Praying for the United States of America. God bless Israel and God bless you America. 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️

Monique Lesch from US

March 2 at 2:38 pm
I am being stalked and harassed by people who worship Satan. I am a Christian. I am African American. I am poor and I love Jesus. I believe they are using advanced technology to harass me. Please help. Pray. Thank you.

prayers for son from US

March 2 at 2:36 pm
Holy Mother, same way as you told Jesus Christ "there is no wine", and to the workers "Do as he tells you", same way tell to Jesus Christ today that my son needs those emails from the admission officers for interviews from med schools. Jesus same way as you turned water into wine, make those officers before they shut down their systems today to send out emails to my son for interviews and acceptance, today, Amen

E.Feris from NA

March 2 at 2:28 pm
Father I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and supernatural protection from the enemies of Israel. For my boys to have good success in their lives and my dear wife for health and healing and prosperity in our finances. Amen!

Edgar Lacaba from PH

March 2 at 2:27 pm
Lord God of Israel, I pray that you would use me effectively in pastoring your church. I pray for the success of its ministries especially VBS, Campus ministry, Karate ministry, Sunday School, Music. all the said ministries be effective in winning souls to Christ and grounding them in the faith. I pray for the church building project to have enough funds to finish it - ALL FOR YOUR GLORY

Carmela from US

March 2 at 2:24 pm
Pray for my son David and his wife Laura to be convicted on how poorly they treat my daughter KaiLani and how they treat us theren mom and dad.They will only give us minamal time with them .My daughterinlaw judges my daughter because she made mistakes.My daughter inlaw has put a gap between my daughter and son.Iam very angery at the two of them.Please pray I take my hands off it and allow my God to fight my battles. Thznk you for praying for my family

Lim Buck Chai, Peter from SG

March 2 at 1:59 pm
Please stand with me in unison for God's supernatural protection of Israel and Jerusalem. Pray that all efforts in trying to divide Jerusaken fail in Jesus' name!

Caralena from US

March 2 at 1:57 pm
I pray for the father of my children charles green to be saved before the cancer takes his life and for all my family to be saved before it's too late and for the peace of Israel

Lois Janet Pentlin from US

March 2 at 1:49 pm
Please pray that my immediate family will be healed and restored in Jesus name. Pray that I will be the kind of woman that the Lord God created me to be, demonstrating His perfect love to all who come in contact with me. In Jesus Name Amen!

Patty from US

March 2 at 1:47 pm
I am in desperate need of a full-time job with excellent pay, benefits, good location, hours and responsibilities. I also am caregiver for my elderly mother with many health issues and disabilities. Job needs to be one that will be user friendly in conjunction with my caregiver responsibilities. Thank you and God bless.

jukka from FI

March 2 at 1:45 pm
I ask you to pray for my biblical vision to defend and bless Israel and also for my work preaching Gospel and defending christian values all over the world! God bless Israel,USA,Jerusalem prayer team and its projects and Finland1

Gloria from US

March 2 at 1:26 pm
I pray for my husband to get a raise at his job now or a new job with more money. I pray for the peace for Jerusalem and Isreal. And I pray for my daughter to pass her Exam next week. Father please agree with me that you will take care of these prayers. In Jesus mighty name I pray amen

Maryruth Drescher from US

March 2 at 1:25 pm
Please pray for a young man Sear, who is autistic. God has whispered to me to be vigilant in this prayer. I am not sure why, but I know that it is important.

Georgia Gallman from US

March 2 at 1:23 pm
Two requests, please: My family asks for prayer to convince my mom to come home and let us care for her because she keeps falling and is unable to care for herself. Also, I have a fracture in my foot that is taking too long to heal. I’m believing for a healing work done here. Thank you all for believing with me.

Lim Buck Chai, Peter from SG

March 2 at 1:15 pm
Pray that God's promise in Acts 16:31 for my unsaved 3 elder brother's and 1 eldest sister as well as 3 other relatives be accomplished quickly in Jesus' name. Glory to God!

ann marie scott from US

March 2 at 1:10 pm
father i ask that you restore my family.start healing now! in your name jesus! i also need a house with low rent. father you know my circumstances, help me plz. your daughter marie and bless your holy land amen

KIM from US

March 2 at 1:09 pm
Please pray for a healing for me, I have Lupus and I am so tired of this disease it effects everything in your body it is a devastating disease, I am tired of the severe pain, severe fatigue, and it is something you can die from, I am so sick of being sick all the time, and please pray that GOD will some how get me and my daughter a home, I am on disability now and GOD is the only way I will be able to get one, so I am asking for a lot of people to please pray, thank you and GOD bless you.

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