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Gary from US

July 16 at 10:03 am
Prayer For Eyes Teeth Total Health I Need Miricals GODS Blessings Spiritually need 2020 Vison need Every GOD HAS To Help And Deleaver me

Gary from US

July 16 at 9:55 am
GOD I Pray For America For Your Great Protection SEND angles To Protect Wisdom Have All People To Pray Give Great Faith Thank You FATHER In Jesus Name Amen Help Us Watch And Pray GOD Protected Donaled

GARY from US

July 16 at 9:04 am

Aaron from US

July 16 at 8:22 am
Father God, I come before You in the name of Yeshua Hamashiach, and I pray peace and protection over the candidates for presidency. I pray that they would receive Your wisdom, and Your guidance Lord. I pray that You would help them to be open to receiving Your son Jesus, and to show them that in order to proceed through what is up ahead, they need You. I pray that You would put someone in the White House who will follow Your commands and precepts, and be willing to lead by Your godly example as they lead others around them. I pray that whoever You allow to be president will enforce Your Kingdom principles without shame or fear, and that through their obedience unto You, the blessing and favor trickle down throughout the nation. We pray, at the end of the day, for Your will to be done, whatever it is Lord. You know what’s best! In Jesus name I pray, amen!


July 16 at 6:49 am
Pray for abundant spiritual life & experiences and have boldness & courage to spread gospel with in depth knowledge of our Lord & Jesus Christ. To have prosperity in finance to pay off all debts & loans and also extend help for needy people to draw them to God

Kathy from US

July 16 at 6:26 am
El Elyon, our Most High God, my prayer to you is for salvation in every area in this country and for protection and peace for Israel. In my life for wisdom, discernment, power from You like I've ever had before to do exactly Your will for my life. Amen

Betty from US

July 16 at 5:51 am
We Pray II Chronicles 7:14 - Almighty God as Your people called by Your name, as we humble ourselves and Pray, as we seek Your face, as we turn from our wicked way, Oh God , forgive us our sins and heal our land, have mercy and grace on us we Pray, revive us we Pray, bring us back to You we Pray Almighty God! In the precious name of our Lord and Savior , Jesus Christ.

Monica from EC

July 16 at 5:44 am
Pido oración por salvación de mi hijo Gabriel. Sea transformado, cambie su manera de vivir y regrese a los pies del Señor pies del Señor arrepentido

Anynonymous from ZM

July 16 at 4:23 am
Greetings in Jesus Christ Name please pray for me and my family to reconcile financial breakthrough divine success and prosperity to reconcile with all those I have hurt today when I call my partner he should communicate with me very well divine favor to be very successful my partner to miss me today he should spend time with me more often and think about my good side and he should realize that he doesn’t treat me well to reach my good destiny my friend and helper to be healed in the uk reconciliation with all those I have hurt let me be a good leader and my position to be very secured in Jesus Christ Name my boss to acknowledge that I have so much wisdom favor my daughter to finish her course with no accidents my partner to honor me and love me in Jesus Christ Name all doors to open permanently to go to US favor family unity we should all be landlords to forgive all my colleagues and get along with them I should be acknowledged of my Good deeds untimely death to be broken in the fam

Esther from UG

July 16 at 1:42 am
Dear Lord, I thank you that you have enabled us to see another day with you. I pray that let there be peace in the whole world, understanding among we humans bearing the fruits of the spirit as it is written the bible (Gal. 5: 22-23) 22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. I thank you Lord that you have heard my prayer, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ . Amen

Jouni from FI

July 16 at 1:27 am
Yes Jesus! Dear are You! A Job like You want, to me. The need in the World to see Christ alone, but not anyone to be alone, without Him. Help and bless us Lord Jesus!


July 15 at 11:21 pm
protection to all Jerusalem Prayer to all american due to the election going on Prayer to who world To my Economic matters Prayer to get Good job with good salary

Randy from US

July 15 at 7:32 pm
I am dying of stage 5 chronic kidney disease which I have been suffering with for the past 7 years. I am in my 3rd year of dialysis and not doing as well as I was last year. Also, because of Biden's presidency, my money has gone way down while my expenses have increased and so I am unable to contribute like I used to do to help Israel through your ministry. Randy L. Jones [email protected]

Anonymous from US

July 15 at 7:09 pm
Please join me in continous prayer for the safety of President Trump, for there are Christian predictions that President Trump will face more attempts against his life. May our Lord protect him and his loved ones, in Jesus' name. Amen.

Jane from US

July 15 at 6:21 pm
Lord, we pray for a hedge of protection around our politicians and gratefully thank you for sparing President Trump’s life. Help this incident to draw Him to You, as well as his family. Give him wisdom and strength in the days ahead and use him for Your glory, Lord. Amen

ananaiasa from FJ

July 15 at 5:31 pm
my need to partake in the build up of america to be strong in the word of god to minister to people who have needs and contribute to america whatever way possible in jesus name to contribute to spritual awaikeninig in america to give to america and help in bringing to these nation the power of deliverance of the lord jesus

ananaiasa from FJ

July 15 at 5:28 pm
protect the office of president biden and also candidate trump pray for america a sihn of hope for the world in jesus such a great country build in the word of god pray for the immigration crisis pray for the economy and the issues of america for god to have favour for his people

Woman from NO

July 15 at 3:47 pm
Lord, with childlike faith I ask a possibly childish thing of You. You see I don’t have the money or resources, but I need a new and better bed to sleep in. So could You please provide me with a good bed so I don’t have to wake up with an aching back? Thank You, whatever Your answer may be. Amen.

D from CA

July 15 at 9:14 am
Son Curtis is on 24/7 antibiotic IV after another infection. With GI disease. On electrolytes & nutrients. Trying to eat food by mouth. Continued prayer for salvation, mental health, emotional, psychological & physical body & be set free of all addictions.

Glenny from DO

July 15 at 6:05 am
Papito Dios gracias te doy por tu misericordia por tu amor hacia mi vida perdóname por todo lo que te ofendido y escucha mis oraciones te lo ruego mi Dios. Te entrego mi familia mis hijos Isaac , David y Camila y A mi esposo Cesar te ruego misericordia por nuestras vidas ayúdanos a servirte en espíritu y en verdad a congregarnos y hacer la familia más agradecida del mundo para contigo papito Dios te ruego salud y larga vida para cada uno de nosotros ayúdanos a estar bajo tu cobertura de tus santas manos que ninguna alma forjada y prosperes contra nuestra vida que sean cancelada toda traba del enemigo en contra de nuestras vidas Por el poder de tu palabra Mi Dios En el nombre de Jesucristo declaro por el poder de tu palabra padre celestial prosperidad alegría gozo paz y tranquilidad para mi familia en el nombre de Jesucristo amén papito Dios bendice a tu pueblo Israel y dale paz a Jerusalén seamos bendecidos y prosperados todos los que bendigamos tu tierra en el nombre de Jesucristo amé

Leonie from US

July 15 at 6:02 am
Please pray for my daughter Breana. She is a law student. Pray for favor that she is invited back for an internship at Barnes and Thornburg law firm for summer 2025. She will start her 2nd year of law school. That the Lord’s uncommon favor will be on her as she starts her studies for the upcoming year.

glenn from PH

July 15 at 5:53 am
Im Glenn, please pray for me that all my debts will be paid because I have a lot of debts and please pray that our small business is enough to pay all my debts and to support the schooling of my 2 kids. Our Father in Heaven forgive me please hear my prayers help me to support my family and pay all my debts in Jesus name Amen.

Glenny from DO

July 15 at 5:53 am
Papito Dios gracias por tu misericordia, perdóname todo lo que te ofendido te ruego que tengas misericordia de mí y escuche mis oraciones y la conteste conforme tu santa y bendita voluntad. Papito Dios te entrego mi carga académica de la Universidad autónoma de Santo Domingo ayúdame con mis asignaturas ponme gracias Y permite que los estudiantes seleccionen las asignaturas mías, tú la conoces mi Dios por favor no permitas que se me caiga ninguna asignatura por falta de estudiante y que tampoco ningún maestro Y ninguna autoridad directiva me la puedan quitar ayúdame mi Dios que mi carga académica permanezca con mi 40 crédito siempre y ayúdame a que sea tú que me pongan en tu en la Universidad autónoma de Santo Domingo ábreme las puertas de los cielos a mi favor y bendice En el nombre de Jesucristo te lo pido mi Dios gracias gracias bendice a tu pueblo Israel y dale paz a Jerusalén seamos bendecidos y prosperados todos los que bendigamos tu tierra en el nombre de Jesucristo amén.

Glenny from DO

July 15 at 5:43 am
Papito Dios perdóname todo lo que te ofendido ten misericordia de mí te ruego que escuches mis oraciones y me conteste conforme a tu santa voluntad, estoy pasando por una situación que tú conoces y que solamente tú me puedes ayudar Te ruego que me dé sabiduría y me ayudes te lo ruego papito Dios mi finanza estás en tus manos, misericordia mi Dios necesito que me des una oportunidad y me ayude a tener un milagro financiero te lo ruego 🙏 mismo mi padre celestial estoy en tus manos en el nombre de Jesucristo amén papito Dios bendice a tu pueblo Israel y dale paz a Jerusalén seamos bendecidos y prosperados todos lo que bendigamos a tu tierra en el nombre Jesús amén

Glenny from DO

July 15 at 5:39 am
Papito Dios perdóname en todo lo que te ofendido, y por por favor escucha mis oraciones hasta el trono de tu gracia y contéstame conforme A tu santa y bendita. Papito Dios mira el proceso que estoy haciendo para cambio de trabajo en el Ministerio de Educación haz tu voluntad Dios te lo presento a ti ,si es tu voluntad abre todas las puertas de los cielos a mi favor y permite que yo pueda entrar antes de iniciar el año escolar 2024-2025 Te ruego papito Dios que me ayude a que me salga de una vez en este mismo año 2024 el nombramiento como técnico Nacional, ayúdame papito Dios en el nombre de Jesucristo te ruego misericordia por mi vida todo eso te lo pido en el nombre de Jesucristo amén papito Dios bendice a tu pueblo Israel y dale paz a Jerusalén seamos bendecidos y prosperados todos los que Bendigamos tu tierra en el nombre de Jesucristo amén.

Glenny from DO

July 15 at 5:35 am
Papito Dios te pido que me perdones y tengas misericordia de mi vida, te ruego que escuche mi oraciones te amo mi Dios, ten misericordia mi Dios te entrego la vida de mi hijo Isaac Pineda Veras en en nombre de Jesucristo te ruego que le de salud y larga vida que tú presencia lo acompañe en donde quieras que él se encuentre, mi hijo Isaac está en tus manos por el poder de tus palabras cancelo toda agenda del enemigo en contra de su vida y declaro en el nombre de Jesucristo que ninguna alma forjada prosperará contra su vida, quita de su lado las amistades que no son de tú agrado mi Dios y trae a su lado personas de bendiciones para nuestra familia, ayúdanos a servirte y honrarte con en todo momento que mi hijo sea prosperado en tú camino y un ángel tuyo este asignado a mi hijo siempre protegiendo su vida lo pongas en gracias delante de sus jefes, compañeros y maestros, que nada malo le pase bendícelo siempre mi Dios en el nombre de Jesucristo 🙏 amén. Papito Dios bendice a tú pueblo I

Anynonymous from ZM

July 15 at 4:25 am
Greetings in Jesus Christ Name please pray for me to receive money today In Jesus Christ Name to be kind and good my partner and I to start communicating favour to go to the us,all the machinery and other properties to be sold In Jesus Christ Name so that I clear the debt my helper and partner to buy me a car he should think about this while his in the office and also help me finish the house my sister to be called for work today favor my nephews function to be very private my partner to love me like before he should be communicating no cheating and I should also trust him he should never go out with any of my friends miracle to locate me today people should stop stealing from me restoration in our relationship whatever was Robbed off from me to be given back to me job creation in the family all those who don’t answer my calls to call me today favor upon me untimely death and poverty to be broken in the family reconciliation my sister to be called for we work today or anyday soon

Fernando from US

July 15 at 12:10 am
Pray for my wife, her name is Kasandra, she leaved me, we went to service this morning, but at night she told me horrible things and she leaved, I didn't cheat on her, I only Ask you if you can pray so God would touch her heart.

Out of LEASE from US

July 14 at 8:09 pm
Urgently pray 🙏 or our daughter Rhiannon to get OUT of CURRENT LEASE, Move into same apt complex where family lives. It's more affordable.. Her Lease isn't up until October. Pray for divine help, favor that she can get out of her legally. Without no issues

Anonymous from US

July 14 at 8:06 pm
Continual prayers 🙏 🙏for a relative named Tyler who was in a long distance relationship for a few months. He moved far away from our family. We miss, love him very much.. His Dad is in Home Hospice. We need each other.. Pray God's will Pray God's will to heal, restore him completely

Miguel from US

July 14 at 6:58 pm
Please pray for a hedge of protection and covering for condomium tower and me. And pray for divine favor and blessings with the bosses, coworkers, residents guests , etc

Miguel from US

July 14 at 3:53 pm
Please pray for a hedge of protection for me from two females coworkers who are plotting and scheming against me and setting traps, snares and pitfalls against me.And pray no weapon formed against me will not prosper.And pray I get the victory over my enemies.

Miguel from US

July 14 at 3:45 pm
Please pray for salvation, healing peace, restoration, prosperity and deliverance for Roberto. Pray for good believers to minister to him about salvation.

Rebecca from US

July 14 at 2:57 pm
Please pray for my dad. He’s 87 n having swollen pain on side of face. He’s at dr now. He’s also had bad angina heart pain several times in last month. Very concerned about him. Praying for healing and whole ness. Thank you.

Mary N from CA

July 14 at 2:13 pm
I ask for united prayers for a good life-partner/husband/companion, a senior gentleman who will share the rest of my life on earth restoring and recovering what I missed and lost. I need someone. I have waited so long and cannot imagine living more years, (5 or 10 or even 15 ) alone. I am desperately lonesome and cannot die this way. Nothing is impossible with God. Please agree in prayer for me.

Chaplain Gloria ✝️ from US

July 14 at 10:25 am
Lord God, bless our peace and our prayers. We ask for blessing to DJT and that all ungodly thoughts, prayers, spiritual and physical attacks, wicked words, evil suggestions, anger, hate, confusion, unstable thoughts don't take root and if so they're uprooted in Jesus name amen.

Andrew and Nicole from US

July 14 at 10:24 am
Prayer for Andrew and Nicole God to draw himself close to us and protection in our marriage also Happiness and God to remove people from our life that is causing us harm spiritual and physical and speaking negative words slandering our name God to move us away from these people or God to move them away from us in Jesus name amen also please pray for us prepared for Jesus return and pray to let God know we want him to return it means alot to us praise God

Andrew from US

July 14 at 10:24 am
Prayer against spiritual robbers and protection from spiritual robbers stealing from me pray God restoration everything stolen in Jesus name amen

Andrew from US

July 14 at 10:24 am
To get on a healthy schedule live healthy lifestyle for my mental health Healing from depression bipolar disorder symptoms Healing from mental torment and protection over my mind and mental health

Gloria Jean from US

July 14 at 8:51 am
Father God thank you for bringing to my remembrance your counsel; Do not envy wicked men, do not desire their company; for their hearts plot violence, and their lips talk about making trouble. Proverbs 24:1-2 FATHER GOD BLESS BE YOUR SOVEREIGN HOLY NAME JEHOVAH NOW AND FOREVER AMEN.

Gloria Jean from US

July 14 at 8:44 am
I decree and declare " for the righteous man falls seven times, he rises again, but the wicked are brought down by calamity. Proverbs 24:16 To the called and chosen by God the men and women (leaders) worldwide 🌏 🙏in Jesus name ♥️ hallelujah amen.

Joseph Salim Ouseph from IN

July 14 at 8:37 am
Blessed are you O LORD our GOD King of the universe you have sanctified us by your word you have commanded us to be a light unto the nations and given us Yeshua our Messiah who is the light of the world. The LORD bless Joseph Salim Ouseph Grace Joseph Alex Abner Joseph Sonia Sarah Joseph Jason Kishander Naomi Lydia Kishander and keep you. The LORD make His face shine upon Joseph Salim Ouseph Grace Joseph Alex Abner Joseph Sonia Sarah Joseph Jason Kishander Naomi Lydia Kishander and be gracious to you. The LORD lift up His countenance upon Joseph Salim Ouseph Grace Joseph Alex Abner Joseph Sonia Sarah Joseph Jason Kishander Naomi Lydia Kishander and give you peace shallom success unity restoration joy good health wisdom may His favour be upon you to a thousand generations your family and your children your generations after you may His presence go before you behind you beside you all around you within you He is with you in the morning in the evening in your going and your coming.Jesus'

GJR from US

July 14 at 8:34 am
Hallelujah glory be to God, thank you heavenly Father God for birthday blessings to Juan from Job 28:18 and Job 28:18, I decree and declare them today in Jesus name amen.

R from AU

July 14 at 3:44 am
God blesses me urgently with a holy Loving extremely loving trustworthy handsome and loyal and communicative spouse. Pray for signal graces in this matter

Anynonymous from ZM

July 14 at 3:23 am
Greetings in Jesus Name please pray for me to be celebrated by so many colleagues friends and family and receive so many presents I should be honored by the blood of Jesus Christ to receive big gifts even a car may I be remembered by my good connections and I should reconcile with my sisters forgive all and be a better person long life and untimely death to be broken completely May I not be rejected by anyone all lord let me be kind and be a blessing to others my daughter to finish her career as soon as possible thank you so much no accidents spirit of poverty to be broken by the blood of Jesus Christ promotion my sister to go to UK to have more time for Gods work and let me not differ with anyone let me not be quick to anger may be more attractive than before divine protection In Jesus Christ Name to finish my projects

Miguel from US

July 13 at 4:24 pm
Please pray for restoration and healing for me.And pray for me to have vibrant health. And pray for healing in my memory, eyes, stomach,colon,and feet

Miguel from US

July 13 at 4:14 pm
Please pray for peace and harmony with my roommate Roberto.Pray for him to behave himself.And pray for good changes and transformation in her life.And pray for Almighty to touch and save him.

Monica from US

July 13 at 2:04 pm
To obtain money so I can pay a knowledgeable lawyer to properly defend me . Praying to God to be exonerated of all charges . Praying for God to say me free In Jesus name.

William from US

July 13 at 1:36 pm
Yes, my name is William Howard. I have a Doctor's appointment on the 19th of July. I'm asking the Lord to let that appointment. Be a good appointment everything positive in the healing of my broke leg healing better than the doctors expect.

Janet from US

July 13 at 12:13 pm
I would like to ask for prayer for Frank he has throat cancer and doesn't have enough weight to get chemo or radiation.He has a feeding tube to help him gain weight and is having migraine headaches.Asking God for a complete healing.

Janet from US

July 13 at 12:10 pm
I would like to ask for prayer for Bobby he fell down a flight of stairs broke his neck and has had 2 heart attacks since.Please keep his family in your prayers also.

Shon from US

July 13 at 8:43 am
I like to give my prayers to a friend of mine named Rodney I too have known him on a streaming site for quite some time he's a very sweet guy who I think of as a brother is a recovering drug addict and going through a lot of health issues mainly having issues getting dizzy when standing Etc he's also applying for disability and I hope he receives it please pray for Rodney and Hope he gets the best treatment and care as well as disability please pray thank you and God bless

Miguel from US

July 13 at 8:28 am
Please pray for salvation, peace, blessings, restoration for John, Barbara,Thice, Yanick, Roberto, Chris,Gloria, Renette, George,Nilda, Anthony,Andro,Raphael,Gene,Shannah,Hannah,Wilna,Th resa,Kia,Anette,ClaudetteVictor,Michael,Tracy,Christina,Steve,Connie, Amber,Max,and Landan.

Joseph Salim Ouseph from IN

July 13 at 6:52 am
To GOD be the glory. Thank you LORD for another day thank you LORD for your wisdom thank you LORD for all the help given to me and my family in the past thank you LORD Jesus Christ for forgiving our sins. Thank you LORD blessing Alex Abner Joseph with a girl, Tanya Fernandes, they want to marry, I surrender both of them into your hands, all things work together for good for those who love the LORD, May Your will be done. LORD Jesus, bless Arpita Issac, bless Sunny Joseph,heal him from his indigestion problems, heal Benny Chandy from hernia and complicated problems.LORD Jesus Christ heal Grace Joseph from sciatica,blood pressure, arthritis problems. Thank you LORD Jesus Alex Abner Joseph want to go and see a plot tomorrow afternoon, bless us when we come in and go out. Bless me LORD indeed and enlarge my territory that thy hand might be with me that thou would keep me from all evil that it may not grieve me and God granted me my requests. In Jesus'name

Gloria Jean from US

July 13 at 4:19 am
My Father God, thank you for a new morning and thank you for joy comes in the morning. Blessings of Peace be established in Jerusalem in Jesus name amen.

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