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September 14, 2015
I have been friends with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for more than thirty years. He fully understands the importance of Christian support for Israel and the Jewish people. Many times he has told me how much he appreciates your prayers for him and for his nation...
September 7, 2015
What a blessing! So many have expressed deep emotion and enlightenment after learning more about the heritage of Christian Zionism as told in the Friends of Zion Museum. If you didn't have a chance to see the original broadcast, you can watch it online...
August 31, 2015
In US Court, eleven families of Americans killed by Palestinian terrorist attacks (while they were visiting or working in Israel) have sued and won a massive award for wrongful death. The Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian Liberation Organization are facing damages that could reach $650 million...
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How to Prevent Rejection

By Dr. Mike Evans

Rejection is never easy, but rejection from people we care about really hurts. Maybe it’s the rejection of losing your job or having a spouse walk out on you. Sometimes rejection can be so devastating we are not sure we are going to recover. The devil will try to destroy a child of God with rejection by using deception and distraction. Here are five ways you can prevent rejection from gaining a stronghold in your life:

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How Is Your Angel Doing Today?

By Dr. Mike Evans

A number of years ago on my birthday, a terrorist attempted to kill me. I am certain that had the angels of the Lord not protected me, he would have succeeded. He had already killed two people—a state trooper and a Jewish pawn shop owner. When I was informed of his arrest, a spirit of fear hit me. When he was finally caught, he had my address and my unlisted phone number on the front seat of his car.

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The Liberation of Jerusalem

By Dr. Mike Evans

In 1992, we were privileged to have Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek address our Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem Rally in Dallas, Texas. Teddy Kollek was the Mayor of Jerusalem at the time of the liberation of the Holy City in 1967 and for many years after. The following excerpts are taken from his remarks that evening:

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