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Betty Harmon from US

January 28 at 9:45 am
Father:  please look down on me and my family. Please have mercy on us and keep us from harm in the days to come. Fill us with your Holy Spirit and love. Thank you Lord.

Jackie from KE

January 28 at 9:35 am
I pray that God will heal, deliver and shield me and my children from all that we are going through. My daughter is suddenly struggling in school to grasp/understand what she is taught and this is taking toll on her. My son ( 6yrs old) is struggling in school too and he is mocked all over. I also pray for God's miracle in passing some exam I recently took and that God will keep open the doors of my life shut through human wickedness. I do pray that all that have risen against with false witnessing, slander and wickedness will be silenced by the power of the Holy Ghost. I have faced so much persecution in life that I am crying out to God for His eternal joy and restoration.

Ian from KE

January 28 at 9:26 am
Greetings all. My humble request is for a financial break through. Been through alot of difficult times since 2014. How I pray God to give me a financial break through. Lord am ready to receive your blessings. Amen


January 28 at 9:19 am
Heavenly Father, prayers for the unsaved. Those suffering from illness. The homeless people and animals. Israel. America. Ava, Patti, Summer, Emma, Kayden, Tim, Timmy, Seth, Noel, John, Sami, Ashley, Lily, Wyatt, Cole, Quinn. My Cousins, friends and family. All those addicted. That we seek you first God in all we do. And get out of the way. Praise your holy name Father God. Amen

Irene from PH

January 28 at 9:17 am
For my son,FlinGyanAngelo, praying to God to grant him a good n nice future, and finish his college studies give him the wisdom, capabilities, perseverance and ability to always know the right thing to do . Bless us esp my family with good health and sharpnessof thoughts. Amen

Donna from US

January 28 at 9:09 am
Dear Father in Heaven thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me and my family.  Please hear my petitions and protect President Trump and his family from all harm and shield them from all evil. Please let justice prevail in his impeachment hearing and cast light on all the wrong doings of his accusers.  Please let freedom ring for those citizens of America and for all the earth.  Please bring a peaceful resolution to the conflicts facing Israel.  I ask these things in your Holy Name.  Amen

Mercy from RU

January 28 at 9:04 am
I want to thank God for safe flight to London and back. I made this request on this wall and God answered it. I am grateful. I pray for success in my exams. 

Sharon from US

January 28 at 8:57 am
My son Jacob has been living in the streets for abiut 5 years from hotel to hotel to street..not sure ehat keeps him there drugs alcohol poor choices. Please send a guiding Angel to lead him out if this rut he is in

Elsina from HN

January 28 at 8:55 am
Que el dinero de la redención sea liberado a gatekeepeer para que le paguen a los paymaster y luego ellos a Eugenio para que nos depositen el dinero de 300millones a Elsina Medrano y Gerson Gómez y los 300millones a Tania Cardona

Sally from US

January 28 at 8:39 am
I ask you to join with me in prayer for President Trump and his family. I pray that the truth is shown by God in this impeachment trail and all these evil Democrats lies and cover ups are shown to the world. I pray this impeachment is over quickly with President Trump winning and that no one can try impeaching him again. I pray these evil people are stopped from murdering anymore babies and the United States is not turned into a socialist country. I pray God stops all these very rich powerful people from doing anymore harm. I pray President Trump continues to win the 2020 re-election. I ask for a hedge of protection around both the Trump and Pence families. Let America come back to way it used to be. Bring God back into every house, every family, every school, every work place again. Make the Holy Bible the number one best selling and most read book again. I pray our churches will fill back up and all people in America are saved. In Jesus name. Amen 

Helen from US

January 28 at 8:29 am
Please Pray for: My health and My Husband Thomas' health, he has neuropathy and hurts in his feet and legs daily. And for GOD to help him stop smoking. Also for our family and friends and their health.Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU! Slalom!

Michael Friday from NG

January 28 at 8:29 am
I bless the name of the Lord, Alleluyah I pray for peace of Jerusalem and isreal. I pray that God should destroy every evil bondage holding my destiny and breakthrough in jesus name. Amen Riches is mine, Success is mine, Breakthrough is mine in jesus name. Amen Whatever I lay my hands on shall prosper in jesus name. Amen I declare peace in my family, my country and my life in jesus name. Amen Long life and prosperity is mine in jesus name. Amen

Ranganath relangi from IN

January 28 at 8:27 am
Pray for me. Doing radiography and xray technician course God opens door for job. God help me to complete company secretary course. God help me to secure singereni job. God open doors for me to visit Israel. God bless me Abundantly in the financial area. Prosper me. God help me to marry Nirmala.

Seema Verma from US

January 28 at 8:25 am
Please pray for our Lord Jesus Christ to intervene and put an end to this coronavirus affecting so many people. I pray in Jesus Mighty Name that our lord destroys this virus completely.

Patricia from US

January 28 at 8:05 am
Lord please help my little sister finding a job. You know she has been applying everywhere with no luck. Please help her find something where she can provide for her kids and herself. Amen. 

Wellington from BR

January 28 at 8:03 am
Peço aos amados que estejam orando pelas cidades do norte do estado do RJ e do ES que perderam tudo nas chuvas que vem caindo nas últimas semanas. Que Deus conforte o coração daqueles que perderam alguém nessas catástrofes. Peço oração também por minha família e negócios.

Candy from US

January 28 at 8:00 am
Salvation for lost family members. Finances for a vehicle and a place to live. Also healing, spiritual, mental and physical for my daughter Samantha. There are many more, so please hold my family and myself up to the Lord. Thank you all so very much. I pray for all of Israel, spiritual, physical, mental and for peace. In Jesus's name amen.

Joan from US

January 28 at 7:59 am
Father in heaven forgive me for all of my thoughtless and selfish mistakes!  Please forgive me so that I may come to you with a clean heart! In your Holy Name I Pray. 🙏🏻✝️💕

Vicki Moore from US

January 28 at 7:52 am
Our son wants to come back to Montana, this job could do just that, he is in Tennessee right now in the Military, we really want him and his family to move back home. Thank You Lord, Prayers for family, and Our Country, A fast sale of our place so we as grandparents can move closer to our daughter here in Montana. we want God Back. Amen

Robert Ziegelmeyer from US

January 28 at 7:49 am
Healing of my Nerves n Tissues and Tendon,Ligaments and Muscles damaged from Chemo n radiation Therapy and from Steroid Treatments...Tx...And in agreement that God is Protecting Israel and all the Jews all over the World.

Rhonda from US

January 28 at 7:35 am
God please heal those affected by coronavirus. Heal those who are sick and comfort those in need. Please help me be a better person. I pray to you my Almighty God and savior. Thank you for all that you do for me. In love and honor I pray to you. Amen

Mark from US

January 28 at 7:31 am
Dear lord I ask for your forgiveness for my sins and please have mercy on my soul. Please watch over me and my family and keep us safe until you call on us.

Liezl Barimbad from PH

January 28 at 7:27 am
Please help me pray for physical healing (myoma, high blood pressure, heart problem) , financial breakthrough that all my debts will be wiped clean, be a financial supporter to church activities, my family be a channel of blessings.Youth ministry will grow.

Jacquelyn Blenman from US

January 28 at 7:20 am
Today I thank you Lord for your saving grace. God you are awesome and forgiving. There is none like you, You are Alpha and Omega and you sit in the heavens and the Earth is your footstool. I praise your Holy Name and today I approach your throne interceding for Reshma sister who is suffering from cancer and for her son who will be writing Common Entrance. Lord you know everything and you know all who will be healed as long as they believe in your word. I pray that you send your Angels to support those who mourn and feel lost. I pray that you bless Israel and Guyana and that you have peace during and after elections. I hold on to your word for righteousness and decency to prevail. I pray that your will for Guyana be done and that the leader you have chosen will be a man of integrity and will be a listener to the people and will treat everyone fairly as is called according to your purpose. I call it done in Jesus's name Amen.

Gabriel from GH

January 28 at 7:12 am
1.God help me win many souls for his kingdom 2.God help me be a good shepherd and build a Mega church 3.God help me fulfill my ministry, mission and purpose in life 4.God have mercy on me and forgive my sins, neutralize every curse in my life 5.God deliver me from evil, temptation and iniquities 6.God help me pass my exams and gain admission into the medical school this year (in 2 weeks time) 7.God bless me with a good beloved for a wife by March this year 8.God help me to marry this year 9.God grant me the Holy Spirit 10.God grant me grace and favour in all my endeavors 11.God help me establish all my businesses in the year 12.God help me build my house and get a care in this year 13.God transform and amplify my ministry 14.God turn my heart to you andake me humble and prosperous 15.God take away every evil thing from my life 16.God heal me and make a healer 17.God bless and transform my family 18.Make me a hope for others 19.Turn my mourning into dancing 20. Make a way for my family.

SarkI Gideon from NG

January 28 at 7:10 am
That the Lord Almighty unite my family with love and that my prayers to build a befitting house for myself should come through this year in Jesus Mighty Name Amen

Orengad from CA

January 28 at 6:59 am
יהי רצון מלפני אלוקי השמים והארץ, הא-ל הטוב והמטיב , הא- ל הגדול הגבור והנורא שתתמלא רחמים על עמך ישראל , ותשלח לנו משיח צדקנו במהרה בימינו, ותתמלא רחמים על חולי עמיך ישראל בכללם ליוסף מרדכי בן שמחה תהילה, ולילדיהונתן חיים בן ליזי, ותשלח לנו פרנסה טובה בנחת ולא בצער ברווח ולא בצמצום והצלחה בכל מעשה ידינו , ושנזכה לעלות לארץ הקודש במהרה בימינו אמן 

Analiza from PH

January 28 at 6:52 am
Father, Please help us in our continuous struggle to make both ends meet. Continously guide, bless and protect my our family, marriage and husbands work. We do everything for your glory. We offer everything to you in Jesus name your son our Lord. Amen.

Osie from PH

January 28 at 6:51 am
Please pray for me that God mend my brokenheart... And give me inner joy, peace and brand new life. Let God help me renew my mind and be focus to His ministry. Include also that God would send someone that would truly take care and loved me without a second thought. Pls pray for me until i have it. In Jesus name

Prince from GH

January 28 at 6:50 am
I want a financial breakthrough from God, the spirit of obedience, wisdom and knowledge for my son and a safe delivery for my wife. I know God can and already has, Amen

ayala from US

January 28 at 6:04 am
please pray for my grandson doron ben lisa to be healthy and safe-not to drink alcohol and not drive if drinking. please help him not to suffer so much from daily depession! toda rabaa-amen sella!!

Tereza from US

January 28 at 6:00 am
We are believing for my husbands soc.sec disability will be granted to us . As soon as possible.and we are believing for walking in health and boldness to continue in his word. Walking and talking with the holy spirit .my husband and I are believing for Jesus to know our name in the day of judgement. We are standing on Gods word for the fruits the gifts of Gods Holy Spirit..we are believing for our church brothers and sisters for the Lord to protect them and for the Holy Spirit to be with them always .andfor Jesus to know their name in the day of jubgement. For my brother in laws surgery to be perfect according to God scriptures..for the Lord Jesus to be Glorified in all of this in Jesus name.and for our children to acknowledge Jesus as Lord and for health protection for our family Finances and health for our children and family members and friends in Jesus name and for Jesus to know their name amen...

Amparo Carrilli from CO

January 28 at 5:53 am
Al YAHVE que espoderoso, oro por la salvación de toda mi Familia y mi descendencia, para qué a mi hermano Mauricio, mis yernos y mis Hijas les sean abiertos los ojos espirituales, el entendimiento y comprendan y reconozcan a Cristo como su Señor y salvador. Amén y amén

Leonardo Diaz from CR

January 28 at 5:50 am
ray for your country, honor the chosen People of Israel. Intercede your prayers to the Almighty, so that this servant may be blessed, prospered in finances, money to hepl another, health and love for my all fa

Prince from NG

January 28 at 5:41 am
I pray for God's protection upon the lives of my family members. I am asking God for divine favour in my career and financial life. I also pray for Peace in Israel. Amen

Uchegbu Emeka Nwachukwu from NG

January 28 at 5:40 am
Father of the fatherless I have suffered too much for what I no nothing about.lost my job lost my family lost business...everything I put my hand seems not working and I tired of looking for help from man.God Almighty please help for I put my hope and I trust in you help me lord God Almighty Amen.

Carol from UG

January 28 at 5:32 am
Reconciliation in my family, salvation for my brother Simon, Ben, Isaac, Grace and anxious,Chris baine ,financial breakthrough, deliverance from the spirit of rejection, restoration of relationship with my boyfriend Chris Baine ,with my friend Ian and Francis, spiritual growth, favor on my life and family, my son Isaac and Ben to go to school.

Abigail from GH

January 28 at 5:23 am
I thank God for calling me into the ministry, so I ask in Jesus Christ mighty name, To prepare me and mould me into a vessel fit for the holy spirit to use. In Jesus Christ mighty name. I ask for the blessing for my family , my marriage and my business. De'Budgetz Events. I need the influence of the holy spirit in our lives in Jesus Christ mighty name Amen.

Brenda from ZA

January 28 at 5:18 am
Please pray for my health, I have meniere's disease and get very bad vertigo, also my neck disks don't have their cussions any more so the nerves get pinched and gives me bad headache's an pain in neck.

Esther from PG

January 28 at 5:14 am
I am currently undergoing chemotherapy and I thank you God for his provision in finance for my treatment and healing in my life as I continue to stand on your word 1 Peter 2:24, Isaiah 53:5. Jeremiah 29:11, Psalms 118:17. I pray God that you continue to bless my parents source of income as they continue to support me financially. Father I pray open doors for financial breakthrough in Jesus name. I also pray God you continue to give my children the strength and courage that they need and now that I am not able to be with them as they are preparing to go back to school I pray God you fill that void and give them peace and remind them that everything is going to be ok because God you are still in control. I ask Lord that you fill them with your wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Lord Jesus I give you my family and I ask you to continue to be the LORD of our lives, take your rightful place in our hearts and be the LORD of our home. In Jesus name, Amen

Priyanka from IN

January 28 at 5:04 am
Please pray for my IELTS exam which I am going to give soon. Pray that I score the highest bands and I pray for wisdom and knowledge. Also please pray for my mother and father's debt free life. Also my mother is not getting salary from last 3 months I pray that she receives her salary in Jesus name amen

Dorcas T Isaacs from BW

January 28 at 4:53 am
I thank Lord for my life, for my life, my daily bread the shelter you have given us I thank you for who you are in our lives. Lord I pray for my spiritual parents the apostle an the prophetess Khuwe for you light to shine shine upon then may your grace be with them in large the territory of the vision their ministry. God answer all the desires of their prayers in Jesus' Name I pray Amen

EMA from AU

January 28 at 4:47 am
Lord I thankyou for my online business. I thankyou lord for breakthrough in my buyers and our house and mostly in our finance in the name of Jesus I declare breakthrough over our life and my family's in Jesus name

EMA from AU

January 28 at 4:45 am
Lord I thankyou for my online business. I thankyou lord for breakthrough in my buyers and our house and mostly in our finance in the name of Jesus I declare breakthrough over our life and my family's in Jesus name

gitau loise from KE

January 28 at 4:41 am

Richard from KE

January 28 at 4:38 am
God please give me peace of mind and help me under go all this challenges that are facing me now. Let me have peace and help me never to lack anything. Amen.

Stella iruobe from NG

January 28 at 4:36 am
Please I need prayers I want to get married this year, I am 32 of age. And someone said that she sow that I will never marry or have kids. Pls I don't want such in my life and I want God to help me break convanent of winch craft badluck of cubwobs that comes on my face every day early in the morning when I wake up and also God should connect me with maga breakthrough in the marketing job I have and also heal me of diseases and my salaries which not paid should be paid with interest .

Riezl Grace Lor from PH

January 28 at 4:36 am
I want to thank Lord for everything He has done in my life. I want His guidance in my path in knowing Him. I want Him to strengthen my faith on Him. Please use me to preach the gospel and save people from their sin. Please remove my confusion and worriness. Give provision in my financial problem. And to help all people in China in fighting the coronavirus. I am praying that the coronavirus will stop from spreading. In Jesus name!

ann from UG

January 28 at 4:27 am
God i praise and thank you for everything. Dear Lord i pray for my children, family and friends for your forgiveness, your guidance in all we do, favor and protection, financial breakthrough and uplifting, good health and prosperity, miracles in life and know how to live a pure life and to serve you genuinely more, through Christ your son i pray, amen.


January 28 at 4:20 am
Tnx 4 d great works ur doing in God's kingdom. I had a very fatal accident, I was in COMA for five months in ICU, but God rescued nd brought me back to life. Pls kindly prophesy, decree and agree with me in an urgent prayer for INSTANT COMPLETE SUPERNATURAL CREATIVE HEALING ND RESTORATION MIRACLES in all parts of my entire body system due to the fatal. No doctor have solutions for my healing and I don't want to go for further surgical operation again, I wants to be healed supernaturally by God. I believed as u earnestly pray for me, God will heal, restore and make me whole so that I can continue to serve God freely once again in perfect condition. Pls kindly pray for my son ONY to be healed of asthmatic attack and breathing blockage issues. Tnx nd pls kindly reply me. Am Elijah 🔥 🔥 🔥

Judy from IN

January 28 at 4:14 am
Lord God i first thank you for my life. I request you to bless my son with Child and give a break through in my financial problem. In Jesus name. Amen

Dina from US

January 28 at 4:14 am
Dear God please be with our family. I pray you will pour your blessings over us spiritually, financially , physically and mentally. Lord please with my brother and his family too. Please bless them too spiritually, financially, physically and mentally. 

ann from UG

January 28 at 4:08 am
God, em grateful for everything. My prayer is you provide me, family and friends with good health, prosperity, financial breakthrough, uplifting, favor, your guidance and to know and serve you more, through Christ your son, I pray.... Amen

Alvin from NZ

January 28 at 4:05 am
Pray for me to have Victory in my court case and Victory of my freedom to travel the world and also be with my siblings and my parents for Easter this year 2020

Nancy from GH

January 28 at 4:03 am
Father,I want to thank you for all that you’ve been doing for me...I can’t thank you enough LORD🙏🏼Cos you are too much and you keep on doing marvelous things in my LIFE🙏🏼🙏🏼Though am a sinner with unclean lips👏🏼Still your LOVE is GREATER than my sins😭😭I LOVE you GOD❤️❤️🙏🏼🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽As long as you are behind the scene,working in progress 🙏🏼👏🏼I trust you Knowing that you will do more Great things again and again and again🙌🏽🙌🏽Looking forward to see your hand work LORD👏🏼👏🏼Thank you

Benjamin oware from GH

January 28 at 4:03 am
I pray for victory dis year n for De rest of my life,my family,friends n De eternal world..pray for forgiveness of all sins I remember n De ones I don't remember..n I also forgive those who I hold on my to forgive dem for De pain they have made me go through...I pray for favour,peace,love,Grace,opportunities,open doors from heaven,job favour,marriage favour..more money from today to De end of never,good health n Long life..I thank God for answering my prayers..Amen

Pekwo Kasigiri from US

January 28 at 4:02 am
Lord, I pray for a total clarity in thoughts and direction in life. I pray for the revival to seek you more and strength to resist things contrary to your purpose and will of this life. I pray blood of Christ to renew my me and give me a sense of purpose and direction in this life. Wash away seeds of embarrassment, disappointments and disgrace the devil has planted in me. I pray for the peace of Israel and his protection. I pray for the United States of America and I pray for the nation of Ghana. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen 

Pekwo Kasigiri from US

January 28 at 4:02 am
Lord, I pray for a total clarity in thoughts and direction in life. I pray for the revival to seek you more and strength to resist things contrary to your purpose and will of this life. I pray blood of Christ to renew my me and give me a sense of purpose and direction in this life. Wash away seeds of embarrassment, disappointments and disgrace the devil has planted in me. I pray for the peace of Israel and his protection. I pray for the United States of America and I pray for the nation of Ghana. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen 

Fe from PH

January 28 at 4:00 am
In the name of Jesus, I pray for the peace be in Jerusalem  In the name of Jesus, I pray for financial miracle be perform now, for me to pay all my debts and be unto praise In the name of Jesus, I pray for diabetes healing In the name of Jesus, I pray for protection for every members in my family, and I declare abundance Grace be in my family. In the name of Jesus, I pray for all the people and animals that were affected in the eruption of Taal volcano, that they will be provided for safe shelter, food and everything that they need. I pray for the power of the Holy Spirit shield and cover every human being from calamities. Protect us all O Lord, in Jesus Mighty name, Amen..

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