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Guido from US

October 28 at 2:36 am
Please Pray for my family my children my job that God give me Grace and Wisdom for everything Also a good wife because I am divorced Thanks for praying

naveed pitras from PK

October 28 at 1:36 am
Praying Amin, my family and our jobs, and Lord Jesus Christ in the office of all my and my hours Protect us from the memory of Arun Soul Pak, through your right hand and passter Shad Gul All the abdominal diseases of the belly converted into a clean and glorious name, and did not transfer the office of his office, that my boss Dr. Azam Ibrahim MS Gorimant, Sardar Begum Teaching Hospital, was sentenced to my death in Christ's Messiah's Crusade. Bhatti Steinographer and Mian Rizwan Tariq Jinner Clerk Ali Raza Store General Rana Madrishar will take gratitude to Jinner Clerk and lament with Dr. Azam Ibrahim MS. Suddenly, isolate them from the Messiah's glorious grace and the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Jim from AU

October 28 at 12:22 am
Thank you . Mike I heard your testimony. Praise God for your life . Bless Israel 🇮🇱. And I pray for the holocast victims and those currently being victims . Shalom God’s peace to guard there hearts and minds and homes , homelands produce and Jerusalem. In Yeshua, Jesus . Name above all names Name a a strong Toerand a shield and Exceeding great reward . Hallelujahs. Again and again . Worship Him , psalm 117 Great is His Faithfulness.

Anonymous from US

October 27 at 9:26 pm
Father God I pray for all 6 of my children to live together with my husband and I in our home and no division from outsiders. My daughter said I am to holy and she left home. Please God have her return and want to live back home and do it the right way. Please have her have a strong relationship with you Lord and is as her parents and with all her brothers and sisters. Our family has fallen apart since she left home. Now her brother is feeling lost and has anger issues and says he is going to leave the house when he turns 18 because his sister did. He said he loves God but he likes to live in sin because it’s fun and he wants to be with his sister. Please Lord help. My younger daughter is Always sleeping in her sisters room waiting and praying to you Lord for you to answer her prayers and she is standing and believing for her sister to return as she cries and waits for you God to show up and answer her prayers the baby knocks on her sister bedroom door calling her name and my husband h

naveed pitras from PK

October 27 at 9:11 pm
فرشتے دوسرے سے پکار پکار کر کہہ رہا تھا ، “قدّوس ، قدّوس ؟ قدّوس خدا قادر مطلق ہے۔ ساری زمین اس کے جلال سے معمور ہے

sandra lunsford from US

October 27 at 8:25 pm
Hello I want you to know that george and I are so sorry about your brothers and sisters .Who got injury Praying for a speedy recovery. Also for the ones that pass away may they rest in Peace. In Pittsburgh PA.

Crystel from US

October 27 at 7:57 pm
Please pray for financial assistance for me and my family and friends we are all struggling. And also would you please pray for the heavenly father to bless as real and the United States of America as well thank you and God bless

Esther from US

October 27 at 5:34 pm
Pray for my financial situation I have a nice new car but it’s in someone else’s name pray favor I can keep it n able to get finance favor with my grandson as a co signer favor with a job paying cash 

Mike Quigley from US

October 27 at 8:41 am
Lord, I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. Please keep the IDF encouraged and strong in faith. I also pray for revival in the USA. So many have strayed so far. Please open their eyes, soften their hearts, and return them to Your flock. I pray in the Holy name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Beldinah from KE

October 27 at 6:47 am
Deliverance of my family linage from ancestral curses on marriages/poverty curses where marriages don't work or no marriage/broken relationships.God's favor and God's leading to a true relationship to serve God together.May God open international doors for me to serve Him.powers of darkness to be broken permanently in our home.All foreign Gods brought to our home by my brothers' and their wives be destroyed and God's altar to be raised in Bukachi's family..My prayer is that our home should be a springboard of prayer and God's presence center internationally starting with me as a vessel.Mom Irene total healing,completion of the house I am building for my mom,God's protection as I stand in the gap for our family since my dad's death I need strength and wisdom to carry out my dad's legacy in the family.

Patty from US

October 27 at 5:18 am
Please Lord help Tracy Godsey recover from all his injuries. And help Gia and Tracy Godsey recover from there personal problems. Love you Lord, thank you for helping Gia and Tracy. 🙏🏻

Wilson Garfield from US

October 27 at 2:21 am
i was wondering if you guys can pray for me and my wife elsie garfield that no man nor women ever sepparate us again that Gid would fix are marriage i ask that no other man talk to my wife ever again for i pray myself but im glade to reach out to others that may pray for us keep us in pray please and thank you all

barkha from IN

October 27 at 2:05 am
Praise be to Almighty God ..... please pray for my parents and brother so that God may remove all court cases and give them a new life forgiving us for whatever wrong we did or have done and my husband as my married life always needs god's blessings along with my brother ...please pray for my sister neelam for the grace of god on her job and education as well as her real sister's marriage within this year... i have also a church member i dont know her name but her husband is attached with someone else so please pray for her so that jesus may bring her husband back to her very soon .... and i believe when we pray to Jesus with pure heart then he listens our prayer and give us and bless us abundantly ..please pray for us .. as Jesus is only hope for me Jesus name i request to pray ...Amen ! Praise the Lord ! God bless all.....

Uchenna from DE

October 27 at 1:04 am
I pray over the release of my documents . Let God soften the strong hand that is delaying the approval and make that person to sign and release it now in Jesus mighty name I pray. I pray that Jehovah Elohim take controll and positively turn every evil plan of the enemies to my favour. I pray for an overwhelming financial breakthrough in my life right now. Ancient of days, help me restore peace love and unity in my family. Give me wisdom and knowledge to face whatever challenges that i meet.

Uchenna from DE

October 27 at 12:53 am
Dear lord, I thank you for wakeing me up this morning hale and hearty. May your mighty name be praised. Please Lord forgive me my sins and have mercy upon me. My father I pray that you watch over me and my family today in whatever we do to be to your glory. Guide and direct our ways, protect and grant us peace and love.Send your guidian angels to watch over us. Shower your grace and blessing upon us. Give us strenght and courage to face whatever that comes on our way. Lead us to your Son Jesus Christ and fullfill our heart desires.Our holy and immaculate heart of Mary pray for us. I pray in Jesus mighty name Amen.

Fe from US

October 26 at 10:20 pm
My family is torn upart, my son needs healing from his addiction and needs God salvation. We need God grace in our family.I believe in God and thank him that soon my family will be together. Please pray for us .

Patricia from US

October 26 at 9:26 pm
Praying that our Val's House Conference on 10/27/18 will be all God intended it to be. May all who come be a blessing and leave blessed. In Jesus name I pray!

naveed pitras from PK

October 26 at 8:36 pm
Ameen Parry for my family and jobs paisley pastor sahid gill stomach problems God Bless Ameen paisley my boos ms dr Azeem Ibrahim and mr rasheed bhatti mr rizwan threq madhser ko mera khudawand yasu ms shb se door kar de gha God Bless Ameen my homs and dokan dr shahzad bhsear shokit bhsear sh soniy sh usman sh asead sey meri dhokan jhildey khloe karwei God Bless Ameen

Andrew Heavner from US

October 26 at 7:43 pm
I have a job interview coming up. Please pray for Monday at 1PM Eastern time for the Lords will to be done and I would have favor with John Blankenship who I will interview with.

Elizabeth from US

October 26 at 7:30 pm
Please pray for healing  for my son Richie  is having health problems...and my Husband Rich who is having trouble walking due to back and hip problems.. Thank You

Louie from US

October 26 at 5:26 pm
I pray for the love, health and protection of my friend jerome that he would always be with me to share happiness, dreams, and love. In Jesus Name amen

Louie from US

October 26 at 5:15 pm
I pray for the continous health, protection, safety, and wisdom of our family. May the love of Almighty God reigns and pours in our family and friends. I pray for more blessings of the Heavenly Father in us. These I pray in Jesus Name amen.

Kai from US

October 26 at 4:36 pm
Pray safety life with love of God Jehovah and Jesus And the Holy Spirit. Upon me my children and grandchildrens lives . Pray also for our. Faithfulness and protection and obedience as well as for my siblings lives.

Deborah from US

October 26 at 4:24 pm
Please pray for my son in law to tell the truth anout s fight that broke out and sent my son to jail. My daughter and granddaughters have nothing to do with me a since then. My heart is broken, pray this will happen before I die. For him to tell them truth. God Bless

Kelly from US

October 26 at 4:07 pm
I pray for my children and grandson.  Thst they find Jesus and worship him all the days of their lives! I pray for financial freedom, freedom from gambling.  Amen lord

Nora Lopez from US

October 26 at 3:57 pm
I pray in the name of Jesus for Our father God to be present in our life’s at all times. For my family’s health to be 100% restored and for our business our economy that is not doing good. I put my life in Gods hands. Amen

Alice from US

October 26 at 3:14 pm
I would really appreciate it if you all would pray for me and my family have a lot of family members that are lost and to be honest I'm kind of borderline and God would rather me be cold than lukewarm I need to get back to God where I was at one time because now is not the time to back down off God Now's the Time to get out there and push and talk about God the people in and try to help them to understand what's coming help them to understand that we do have an eternal life with Jesus if we just accept him and live the way that we should.. also pray for this country we're in a very bad shape but if you know anything about the Bible you know this has to happen ..

Sheryl from US

October 26 at 3:05 pm
Dear God, Please keep me and my family safe and healthy. Please bless my husband in his job and may he find peace with it. I only ask that you continue to bless us so we can pay all our bills and to save more. Amen

Trywell Khonje from MW

October 26 at 2:40 pm
God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob do a miracle for me please, Answer me at the point of my need. Visit us and remember us oh Lord. Am blank but you shall not put me to shame

Julie from US

October 26 at 2:23 pm
I’m praying to the lord that he will heal me touch my body with his healing hands I’m praying for our bussiness that he will give us the wisdom that we need so that my boyfriend will not come back to saudi anymore and we will be together to start out family praised god amen 

Chukwu David from US

October 26 at 2:07 pm
Pray for me to progress financially and for my baby girl Anabel. My family and my fiancee Blessing Ihekoronye. Protection from spitual forces of darkness.

Edochie Arinze Benjamin from NG

October 26 at 2:07 pm
O God of my father Abraham, i need financial assistance . My over #40,000,000.00 bet must win this week. So i can be a blessing to others in Jesus Mighty name, Amen.

Beverly from US

October 26 at 1:59 pm
Heavenly Father I pray for healing for my eyes with floaters/film that distorts my vision and causes me to feel anxious and for my brother-in-law Ed who has had headaches for a month and MRI doesn’t show any abnormalities so asking for wisdom for drs to find out the problem and for strength and peace for my sister as she takes care of him!

Louise from CA

October 26 at 1:58 pm
For True Torah Leadership to teach, instruct, guide and Direct dysfunctional men into Function and Maturity for Seeking and Call of Ephraim to Return Home. Shabbat Shalom!

Elizabeth from US

October 26 at 1:57 pm
For my family’s protection against spiritual evil being sent our way, for negative energy to be removed from our homes and life all together. For my youngest sibling whose in a rebellious stage not respecting our parents or any of us trying to give him advice. For my husband to be called back for a job, better health for my grandmother, for my aunt to remain clean and out of trouble. Most importantly blessing for my friends who have been a tremendous help in these hard financial times for me and blessing for our enemies as well! May they have peace in their hearts and may God forgive them for the things they conspire against me...

Edochie Arinze Benjamin from US

October 26 at 1:56 pm
O God of my father Abraham, i need financial assistance . My over #40,000,000.00 bet must win this week. So i can be a blessing to others in Jesus Mighty name, Amen.

Aida Compares from CA

October 26 at 1:54 pm
Pray for healing of Harold Wang who is suffering of stage 4 lung cancel. pray for for me for my asthma and salvation of my family in the Philippines. 

Angelica from US

October 26 at 1:33 pm
For my daughter to find peace in every area of her life. From the city of our Lord Jesus Christ The Prince of Peace. Shalom for her. And that I may be able to go to Jerusalem with my husband and my daughter next year. In Jesus name!Amen! 

lawrence from US

October 26 at 1:30 pm
having a problem with alcohol a little i read the bible believe in it very much want to make a one time donation only get ssdi bellieve in the cause of israel pray for me

Merrikay from US

October 26 at 1:14 pm
Please pray for my son. That he make better decisions and makes his life better for himself. He is disabled but drinks alcohol every day. I have been praying for him.

Irene Bundy from US

October 26 at 1:02 pm
Prayers for my sisters, Janie and Paula make a means. God's godly man and woman for Torie, Monique, and Carlos. Prayers for our presidents, Israel, United States of America, all people who hit by the storm, healing for hurt people, physically or emotionally and mentally. Prayers for my husband,Benny, promotion she God want as him and favor over him and our families. In JESUS mighty name we pray. AMEN HALLELUJAH AMEN

Grace from US

October 26 at 1:01 pm
First i want to thank my lord for all he does in my life and tell him i love him. 2nd I ask the lord for healing over my intire body. I ask he helps me loose the weight i need to loose and the weight i would like to loose. I ask the lord to help me achieve health and fitness. I ask for him to bless me with motivation. I know from sickness iv become depressed and very unmotivated I ask him to change this. 3rd i want to say i believe, iv got faith he'll help me with these things. In christ name i pray.

Connie from US

October 26 at 1:01 pm
Thanks and praise forever! You are Yahweh! Yeshua thank You!  May You receive all honor, glory and power! You are trustworthy! There is none like You!  

Henry Mesa Balcázar from US

October 26 at 12:53 pm
HaShem, Rey del Universo. Gracias te doy por ungirme, bendecirme, protegerme y hacerme victorioso en todo momento. Te pido para que cuides también de los que amo, y para que sigas salvaguardando a Israel eternamente. Amén, Aleluya 🙏

Charity from US

October 26 at 12:49 pm
Please pray with me for total healing. I Have very much pain on My left hand side of the abdomen. I Have Been refererad for a Scan and My prayer is that i be totaly healed before them. My God is a healer and by His strips Am healed. 

Dianne from US

October 26 at 12:42 pm
I am praying for unity in my family and the country. I also am praying for healing in my body. Lord we need you back in our country, in our churches, our schools, our homes, our communities. May the Lord walk thru our home and town and roads and streets and remove the hate from the hearts of people/families and a great revival start once again.

Gladys griffith from US

October 26 at 12:38 pm
Complete healing from bacteria in my lungs complete healing from pneumonia. Salvation for Tricia, Sherman,nicholas,victoria edward , Jackie Norma bea.

Rolando from US

October 26 at 12:37 pm
Father Almighty, I thank You for everything in my life. Please continue showering me, my family and my dear ones with your goodness and blessings. Please release me from the burden and curse of achieving and pursuing my dreams and your plans for me. Help me get my feet back on the track where i can use my talents and skills. Help me achieve my dreams and goals in life. Most importantly, provide me and my family the best of health and sustenance of our daily bread... I ask Thee in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Darla from US

October 26 at 12:37 pm
I fell and broke my neck 3 years ago and I now live with a spinal cord injury! It left me with severe heaviness in my arms and legs, and terrible pain! I pray everyday that God will heal me and take the heaviness and pain away!

Maria-Paz from US

October 26 at 12:36 pm
Lord God, please help me in my work, that I will be working harmoniously with all my colleagues, and I will be staying more years with my current job.

Benita from US

October 26 at 12:30 pm
Continue prayers for my sister pearl. She started her chemo and radiation treatments again for 13 weeks. I'm trusting God for her healing and that she will be cancer free in Jesus name. All glory to God for my blessings and for prayers answered on my son getting our of a 1 year depression and is back to work. Prayers for my family asking God to keep providing and multiplying. Prayers for my healthy. Thank you

Thomas from US

October 26 at 12:29 pm
Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for helping my wife's hearing to go well yesterday. Father God, I continue to pray for my eldest son and I pray for his session this afternoon to go well. Lord God, please work in his life and I pray that he would be drawn back to You. Lord God, I pray for my youngest son and I thank You for his musical abilities and that he got to take part in a performance last night. Lord God, I pray for youth weekend next weekend and that You would help him to be successful. Lastly Lord, I pray for our worship leading in our church this Sunday and I pray that You would be lifted up and glorified. I pray for a real spirit of worship and that it would flow through our congregation. I lift up our Sunday School class to You as well. I pray in Jesus Name, amen.

Michelle from US

October 26 at 12:27 pm
Lord touch, cover and protect this country.  Bring light into the darkness and bring justice quickly.  Give President Trump the wisdom he needs to run this country under Your vision.  Protect my family and save us all.

Oral Andrew Campbell from JM

October 26 at 12:25 pm
Pray that God Almighty through the power of the Holy Spirit will fill my life with positive experiences and emotions. I give God all my burden because I cannot manage them on my own. Expecting a miraculous turnaround as God light and guide me supernaturally in his way. I give all the honor, respect and praise to Our Creator. Amen

Yuri from US

October 26 at 12:24 pm
I pray that my father would be healed from prostate cancer in the name of Yeshua. That I would know God's answer as to spouse for me, that it would be a spouse from Him, and I would know if the girl I have been pursuing is the one from Him, that I would receive a clear sign. In the name of Yeshua. Amen.

Piera York from US

October 26 at 12:24 pm
 In need of healing prayers   My knees   All the pain on them through my body and that God will help me lose my weight so I’ll get healthy again my kidneys and liver thank you and God bless

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