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Juanita from US

October 22 at 5:59 pm
Praying protection and prosperity for family and friends . Also praying for a seven fold recompense for finances being stolen from my job while I was in recovery from being injured on the job! In Jesus Name Amen ! GOD BLESS ISREAL !!

Paulette Richards from US

October 22 at 5:56 pm
Father thank you that you will save my sons and my grandchildren thank you that you will save my step children and for saving my brother  and sisters I love you My King Jesus

Carolina from US

October 22 at 5:54 pm
Pray for me that God will bless me with a new job, better opportunity, more income, closer to home. Pray for salvation of my sons and my grandchildren - pray for my son who is going for a panel interview to get a senior position in the law enforcement - pray God will surround him and the panel - pray for a healing in my family, my finances, my health, and my spiritual life

Christy from US

October 22 at 5:52 pm
Father God thank you for everything you’ve given me.  I pray you would give my grandson his voice so he can talk and to keep my son healthy and strong and cancer free.  

Ana Velez from US

October 22 at 5:51 pm
My daughter Melitza business.. Ines school and finances Alfredo mindset Sigfredo and I to have an awesome retirement and move to Florida.. Peace in Israel! Salvation of our family!

Linda from US

October 22 at 5:44 pm
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Unity of the churchs in the United States, to stand for Christ and peace. Jesus said to love one another. We bind the devil, spirits of evil, and powers in high places, by the blood of Jesus, in His Holy Name. Amen

Zelda Abel from US

October 22 at 5:43 pm
Pray for family generational curses be lifted off all my family. Me , my children and my brothers everyone in my family. My sister and my grandchildren.

Angie from US

October 22 at 5:36 pm
I am boldly claiming full  restoration in my marriage and family. We will be as God designed husband and wife To be - love and respect. I am boldly telling u Satan get away from my family in Jesus name - Amen! 

Victoria Barnabas from US

October 22 at 5:33 pm
Lord heal my daughter from every sickness of global delay, Autism, scoliosis, speech delay, her perfect brain and her working in Jesus name amen.

Sarah from US

October 22 at 5:33 pm
Please pray for my family its really hard times right now . please plray for better jobs higher pay and please pray for the lord to watch over my 2 girls allie and abby to keep them healthy and safe also my granbaby for to stay healthy and safe .. Tmen god bless and thank you

Cheryl from US

October 22 at 5:31 pm
Dear Lord, Protect our country from this illegal invasion and guide our President with heart and wisdom.  For myself to ask the same.  Amen 

Betty Tumlinson from US

October 22 at 5:29 pm
I pray for the safety of our President, Donald J. Trump! I pray for the visitors and members of Providence Christian Church in Sugar Land, Texas, USA. I pray in particular for one of our most beloved members, Esther, and for her complete healing! And I pray for the PEACE of Jerusalem! In JESUS name, AMEN!

Timaima Dauciri from US

October 22 at 5:28 pm
Dear Lord please protect my family from curse and all evil eyes.grant my family with blessing,heal my sprained knee and also protect my son and daughter from all sort of sickness.thank you Lord for giving me my job and also my husband's job.Thank you Lord for everything. Amen.

Debra from US

October 22 at 5:25 pm
I pray for restoration,for the man The Lord has for me to be in my life now to manifest now. For a confirmation on the issue I deal with , yea or nay . For the shakles to be removed from money that was stolen so the man contacts and graciously gives it to Yeshua name.

Veronica from US

October 22 at 5:25 pm
Youngest son-that he will understand why we have had to say "see you later" to two family members within 9 months, for him to stop medicating with weed and for him to find a job. Eldest son-he'll come back; prodigal son, whom is now agnostic. Aunt-she's a 40 plus year Jehovah's Witness. Aunt-she's all over the place. Me-to trust the Lord more than I do, for fear and procrastination to leave. For all of us-to get through this season, my uncle just passed into eternity and in Nov it will be a year since my dear mom passed into eternity. Both are now in the presence of our loving Savior.

Nancy from US

October 22 at 5:22 pm
Financial breakthrough for family and myself ,To see family saved and the ones who have fallin by the way reclaimed and a closer walk with my savior healing for family and friends

MiMi from US

October 22 at 5:19 pm
Please pray for our little school. We help children with anxiety. Without Green Valley Academy, our children would not have a place to go. Thank you praying for our students and our school.

Grace from US

October 22 at 5:17 pm
Father God i ask you to heal our sick body.. and remove every disease.  Let Your Miracle touch be upon the life and body of Sis Dory Villanueva and may she experience complete healing .. We ask for Your deliverance upon my life upon the life of my family that we may Obey seek and follow you!  We ask for long healthy Victorious life upon US and upon our parents... May our Children Gideon and Gabriel follow You and obey Your Words  Amen! 

Rita from US

October 22 at 5:16 pm
Please say a prayer for Amy Robinson a family friend who has cancer.. the chemo she received did not work.. the cancer is a very rare cancer that is in her muscles! It has spread very quickly! At this point she needs a miraculous miracle! Which I absolutely do believe in..   Thank you, God Bless!  Rita

Sandie from US

October 22 at 5:11 pm
God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob our true God Who created everything i am praying through our Lord Jesus Christ to heal me and my entire family spiritually, physically and financially.  Amen. 

Dean from US

October 22 at 5:10 pm
Prayers please. Friends of mine are feeling the effects of an undoubtedly spiritual attack this weekend. Began on Wednesday and is getting more intense and we're seeing physical manifestations. My Brother, I know there are so many more serious issues in the world, but we really could use a couple more voices storming the throne. Thank you.

Sondrabarker from US

October 22 at 5:08 pm
Lord Please heal me of kidney disease diabetes and luekemea heal my husband of a very sin stomach and cancer and throwing up his food I ask in your name father to heal us both and watch over my grandsons and all our children in your name I ask and pray amen🙏❤️🌹

Cashel from US

October 22 at 5:07 pm
My family purchased a house in April that had hidden mold issues causing us 50k in debt to make home livable- we are now  in dire financial need! Need A miracle! 

Rebecca from US

October 22 at 5:04 pm
My son Richard is so heavy into drugs Meth to be exact and he now has high blood pressure and problem with his lungs that he was hospitalized for and almost died. He won't stop doing the drugs he lives with someone who does drugs too. Please oh PLEASE pray for my son!! I dont want to bury my oldest son he is only 35 years old!! No mother should have to bury her child!! PLEASE!!

Okorofor Bernard from NG

October 22 at 5:03 pm
God should help me succeed as a Blogger and earn like i have always wanted to... He should open doors for my daddy in his business, let those that owe him pay him.. let the mercies, favour and grace of the lord visit our family... May joy never depart from us.. may God continue to guide and protect us, he should help me graduate in due timed..Amen

Jermaine from US

October 22 at 5:03 pm
I need prayers for my family we are experiencing financial hardship and our outside families don’t want us around. I have 6 children and a husband whom love the Lord and we need peace in our lives amongst other things

Kenecia from US

October 22 at 5:02 pm
Lord this is my prayer request to you,i am asking for your guidance and protection over my children, brothers,mother and my relationship, i ask for your divine intervention and favor me in every areas of my life,lord you see my heart and you know my desires please grant them unto me in Jesus Name Amen🙏

Roseanne from US

October 22 at 5:02 pm
Dear Lord Jesus...please give me the strength to get through this troubling time. Please help us to stay on track financially and please hear my families prayers. In your holy name.. Amen

Louise from US

October 22 at 4:56 pm
Lord, Bless my family and us grant extreme favor and financial breakthroughs. Let the tuition be paid and let the house be sold and let the basement be repaired at no extra cost to me. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

John from UZ

October 22 at 4:53 pm
God . great are you and awesome is your name. Forgove me and please lead Devyn and Rachel to do what is pleasing to you. And give Michael the desires of his heart. And answers Cherie's prayers. Thank you. In Jesus I pray. Amen.

Carol from US

October 22 at 4:53 pm
Holy Father I pray that you give President Trump the heart of David, the knowledge of Solomon, and the strength of Samson. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Sarah baradell from US

October 22 at 4:51 pm
Lord my God hear my prayers and bless me indeed ,give me this work ,riches without sorrow to be used for Thy glory and my protection as I prepare for these last days and give wisdom open doors and guide me by Thy Spirit always ,I give my will over to Thine and trust you with all my heart ,bless me now I pray in Jesus mighty name amen and amen 

Jesus from US

October 22 at 4:50 pm
Brealthrough for me and me parents my jesus gonzales jr. San benito Tx. Delivetance for my brother albert ray gonzales and wife martha gonzal i need breakthrough want to be married befire this year ends want to be a multi millionaire before this year ends to further the gospel i want to step into my destiny and i pray all my enemies will be defeatee forever IN JESUS Mighty Name

Faye Crittenden from US

October 22 at 4:50 pm
Please pray for God’s Grace and Mercy for my brother David Roberson tomorrow as he faces life changes! If God can change the current of water He can change the hearts of men🙏🏻🙌🏻

Thomas from US

October 22 at 4:47 pm
Lord God, I pray for my family. Prayer for my eldest son and for him to come back to the Lord, and for the Lord to really work in his life. Prayers for my youngest son to grow in Christ, music appreciation, and to be successful on Nov 3-4 weekend, and for my wife to have a successful hearing on Thursday. Praying in Jesus Name.

Mary from US

October 22 at 4:45 pm
Father Lord Jesus,the author and finisher of my faith...pls confirm your word in my life and Grant me success in my PLAB exams as I expect good news.let undying love remain btw me and my hubby.ijn.amen

Jennifer from US

October 22 at 4:44 pm
Please pray for my relationship with God be renewed in Jesus Name. Also please pray for healing of my mind. Pray for my children. Thank you 

Lynn Weaver from US

October 22 at 4:32 pm
Please Pray I will always stay close to the Lord. And thank Him for the nice people that is helping me during this hard time in my life. And Praise Him for all He does for me and the body of Christ. We do not know about. And for His salvation and presents in our trying times.

Adriane from US

October 22 at 4:29 pm
Dear Heavenly Father, my prayer is simple. I have a love of country and it is my hopes that you are shielding us from evil. Our health is only secondary to our FREEDOM. I say this in our Lords Name, Amen. 

Debbie from US

October 22 at 4:28 pm
Heavenly Father, I pray that Craig gets a good report on the tests he is having tomorrow. I pray for a safe flight to and coming home from Denver. Thank you for blessing us with our grandchild. Mother would have been so happy, and proud of far Marissa has come. 

Sharon from US

October 22 at 4:23 pm
May God bless the United States, President Trump, Israel, and Benjamin Netanyahu. Sending love and prayers from America! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮 Forever...

Sharon from US

October 22 at 4:22 pm
May God bless the United States, President Trump, Israel, and Benjamin Netanyahu. Sending love and prayers from America! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮 Forever...

Phyllis from US

October 22 at 4:20 pm
My Prayer is keep my family safe during these time,,and a healing and i want to do more for the lord,, nGod forgive me of all my sins,,in Jesus name

Helaine from US

October 22 at 4:19 pm
Please,I ask for prayers for my self and my family, specially my niece  Narriman and her family  I ask God for a good husband  I am 51 years old. Thank you  God bless 

Fran from US

October 22 at 4:18 pm
pray for my daughter and son in law to get their daughter summer back she has been in fostr care for over a year and we need her back they go to court the 25th thank you

Julie from US

October 22 at 4:12 pm
I’m praying to god for healing I have solitary pulmonary nodule and I’m asking god to touch my body with his healing hands and I’m praying that he will provide me a bussiness that I can provide finances for my family so that my fiancée will not come back to saudi anymore and we I’ll be tighter to praised and workship god amen 

Glenn from US

October 22 at 4:09 pm
Please pray for divine health, for my oral needs, missing teeth and gum disease, periodontal serious bone loss. Reverse this disease and restore completely. Also ED. Correct this assault.And all other issues unknown. Also pray for LaNora for divine health. Thank you very much. Glenn Welsh 

Julie from US

October 22 at 4:09 pm
I’m praying for healing I have solitary pulmonary nodule and I’m asking god to touch my body with his healing hands I’m praying also that I can find a job for my family that he will give me bussiness that I can provide our finances so that my fiancée will not come back to saudi anymore and we will build our family and workship together to our lord amen 

Stephanie from US

October 22 at 4:09 pm
Please pray for my health, finances and relationship with God to be improved more then ever!! Pray that my security is in safe grounds forever. Heal and feed all those sick and hungry. Lift up all your people Adonai. Keep us from evil and look in mercy upon us. Pray for God's will for me to be done. ~Stephanie Russell in Maryland.

Rui from AO

October 22 at 4:08 pm
Please Pray for my country Angola, for God to help the current government to establish the country for better condition for the people and be corruption free as these are the main objectives they have. That the Lord may settle the peace and prosperity in our country, that God may strength the current government who are fighting for the benefit of the country.

Rachel from US

October 22 at 3:58 pm
Thank you Lord for your many blessings! You know our needs and you ask that we come before you boldly. You know our deepest desires and needs. Please guide the husband and I in our future decisions and to wait on you for your timing. In all this we ask in your sweet and holy name. Amen.

Sue from US

October 22 at 3:55 pm
Financial breakthrough..healing of diabetes high blood pressure,god to intervene in a very two situations I'm dealing with very difficult decisions...

Ateca Vanua Nalagilagi Koro from US

October 22 at 3:53 pm
Plis Remember Mereseini Koro Tupua dude with a baby boy in Dec!! Babies legs are bent!! That he be made whole healed and both well !! Breanna Koro also with a baby boy is due now !! Pray For MeGA Wealth.. health.. living ., prosperity !! Business .. entrepreneur in my life and Children’s lives!! Thank you 

John from US

October 22 at 3:49 pm
My Lord " Bless me indeed , enlarge my territory, keep the hand with me , keep from evil so I will have no pain, and let me be there for others. Amen

Reyna from US

October 22 at 3:48 pm
Dear Lord I plead the blood of Jesus over every area of my life as well as every area of my children and daughter in law and my grandchildrenand my sisters and their children and grandchildren and my brother and his family and all my family and friends and their families and our nation...for our salvation for your mercy and grace and favor and break throughs. In Jesus mighty name. Amen

Flor dldalanginangin from US

October 22 at 3:45 pm
I pray that my son ashton simon dumo heal from daughter's arkayla ahi esta safety hubby aldrin dumo is far God give him god health keep him safe from work always..protect him frombad people.and most me his wife..i want to pray that we can marry me soon were together for 6yrs years..i pray that God give us change to follow him to new Zealand for our family..i hope our petition will grant soon..amen

Margarita from US

October 22 at 3:45 pm
May Yah protect Israel but may he deliver the animals all sentient beings from the holocaust and may we humans learn to love His animals and respect their lives

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