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It is not Middle East policy that is driving the U.S. response to the war for survival that Israel is fighting. It is not geopolitical strategy or a grand plan to shape the future of the world. It is all about November 5—election day.


For the first time since 1956, the presidential election will be a rematch between the two candidates in the previous election. For the first time since 1892, a defeated incumbent is running again for the Oval Office. And one of the most important issues in the election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is America’s relationship with and support of Israel during the current crisis.


The Biden Administration, responding to the loud and growing voices of anti-Semitism among key demographic groups in the Democratic Party, is backing away from its initial support of Israel. It has now been seven months since the deadly Hamas attack on October 7th, and while the U.S. at first was strongly supportive of Israel, that has changed dramatically.



It is no exaggeration to say that the United States is betraying Israel, threatening to withhold military aid if Israel goes into Rafah, Gaza, to take out the last 4 divisions of Hamas terrorists and rescue the 130 hostages still being held in Rafah. This betrayal happened because Israel-hating progressives and Muslim voters in crucial states like Michigan are telling Biden, “If you support Israel, we will not support you.”             


I can’t believe it, but it’s true. On the Senate floor, Charles Schumer called for new elections in Israel to overthrow the Netanyahu government. The United States is threatening Israel with a cutoff of vital military supplies and equipment if they enter the Palestinian city of Rafah.


Make no mistake. If Israel does not go into Rafah, they have lost the war. The Hamas battalions still there and able to fight will rebuild, and the threat will remain. The hostages who are still alive will surely be killed. All of the sacrifices that have been made by the Jewish people—the deaths, the lost homes, the wounded—will have been for nothing.


Imagine the pain of Israelis who watched their loved one being raped, burned alive, and beheaded, as they saw protesters screaming in the streets of America and on university campuses, “From the river to the sea.” The United States is foolishly turning its back on Israel.


While I was in Israel recently on my sixth trip to the country since the war started, I met with the family members of some of the hostages still being held in Gaza, and they wept in my arms. They were saying, “We love America. Why is America turning her back on us and siding with our enemies?”



What America is doing right now is sending a message —not just to Hamas but to terrorists around the world— that we will not stand firm against them. Our weakness is encouraging them to strike—not just at Israel but here in our own country. Nineteen radical Islamist terrorists shook our country on 9/11, and we must not let this happen again.


The United States is siding with the Jew-hating United Nations to stand against Israel. First, the U.S. introduced a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire, which blames Israel for the fighting instead of Hamas. When that didn’t pass, Russia and China introduced an even more one-sided attack on Israel. Rather than vetoing it to keep it from passing, the US abstained.


This approach of publicly declaring support for Israel while at the same time undermining them in crucial ways is calculated for its electoral impact. It is tragic to think that leaders of the United States of America would put political gain above the survival of Israel, but that is what is happening.


But this is far from the first time that events in the Middle East have played a key role in an American presidential election.  On September 27, 1980, I had dinner in the home of the head of the Mossad, Isser Harel. He was the individual who masterminded the capture of Adolf Eichmann. With us at the table was Reuven Hecht, senior adviser to prime minister Menachem Begin and also my mentor.


During that evening, I asked Harel if terrorism would ever reach the shores of the U.S. To my astonishment, he explained to us why the first attack would be in New York City on its then-tallest structure, the Empire State Building (he didn’t remember that the Twin Towers had surpassed it as the tallest a few years before). I was so convinced Harel was correct that I wrote a book and produced a TV special titled Israel, America’s Key to Survival. On the cover, I displayed an American flag being sliced in half by a Saudi sword. Of course, on 9/11 we saw that prediction fulfilled.


In that same meeting, I also asked him who would win the upcoming election in the United States. At the time, President Carter was ahead in the polls—by as much as 8 points according to Gallup. With no hesitation, his countenance changed, and he whispered, “The Iranians will have something to say about that. When Ronald Reagan places his hand on the Bible on Inauguration Day, the American hostages will be released.”


Of course, Mr. Reagan did defeat Mr. Carter, and one of the biggest reasons was the hostage crisis. Iran illegally stormed the U.S. Embassy in November of 1979, and when American voters went to the polls a year later, 52 American citizens were still being held in captivity.


As one of his last acts in office, President Carter paid a ransom of billions of dollars to Iran for the hostages. My phone rang at the exact moment that Ronald Reagan laid his hand on the Bible on January 20, 1981. It was my friend, Reuven Hecht. He shouted, “Harel is a prophet! Can you believe that the hostages have been released?” Harel knew what a huge impact Iran would have on the American election before it happened.


In that same conversation, Isser Harel also told me that the tallest building in New York City would be struck because it was a symbol of America’s power. When I publicly shared that warning, I was mocked and ridiculed. People called me an alarmist and said that nothing like that could ever happen.


Even after the failed attempt to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993, people said I was crazy to be concerned. In 1999, I wrote another book warning that Osama bin Laden would be behind the next attack. No one took it seriously. I’ve never been more sorry to be proven right in my entire life. 


I know you remember that day—where you were, what you were doing, even what you were wearing—when the nation sat in shock and disbelief as planes crashed into the World Trade Center buildings and the Twin Towers collapsed in heaps of rubble.


I was on the air that day on ABC, and I immediately said, “It was Al Qaeda.” They pulled me off the air and said, “You can’t say that. We don’t know that.” So I went back on the air and said, “It was Eskimos, Polynesians, or Al Qaeda. You choose for yourself.”


Make no mistake, the fate of America is resting in the balance—not so much which party or candidate wins an election, but what we do about Israel. Will the U.S. choose God’s side of the prophetic battle, or will she fight against God? If America chooses the latter, she will end up on the ash heap of history. The war against such apocalyptic hatred, I believe, can never be won without first dealing with four key issues:


  1. America must not ignore the virus spreading the plague of Jew-hatred throughout the Middle East. The flood of billions of dollars of war materiel flowing into Jew-hating Arab regimes must be stopped, and the recruitment of a new generation of suicide bombers must be deterred.
  2. The events on September 11, 2001, would never have happened had the U.S. fought bigotry in the 1990s rather than appeasing those who spread it. Millions of Jews would be living today if anti-Semitism had not been ignored in the 1920s and 30s.
  3. The war on terrorism has been fueled by U.S. support for Islamic terrorists surrounding Israel. The Arab world also feeds that war to save its own “thug-ocracies.” These leaders have refused to take care of their own so-called refugees as the rest of the world has done. This mind-set has infected world leaders (as evidenced by the Durban Anti-Racism Conference of 2001.) Should that support continue, the war will never be won.
  4. America is under a biblical curse—one that can be reversed. Jerusalem is to be the final compromise. If the U.S. supports dividing Jerusalem, there will be no forgiveness. This nation has been “weighed in the balance and found wanting” (see Daniel 5:27, NKJV.)


The graveyard of history testifies that God rejects nations that reject Him and His Word. Is God preparing to reject America, or will God-fearing Americans stand in the gap and speak the truth? These words are etched into the wall in the lobby of the original CIA headquarters building in Washington, D.C., to characterize the intelligence mission of a free society: “And ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).


I believe we are closer than ever to the coming of Christ. America’s fate will be determined in a final test. It is time to repent and return to the God of our fathers and to our Judeo-Christian beliefs!


Many who speak on the subject of prophecy give a sense that circumstances are accelerating toward some unknown event. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking before the U.S. House of Representatives Government Reform Committee on September 12, 2002, said: “September 11 was a wake-up call from hell that has opened our eyes to the horrors that await us tomorrow if we fail to act today.”  


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