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On April 13th Iran unleashed more than 300 drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles in its first ever direct attack on Israel. Though the situation is rapidly changing, we wanted to give you this update on the current situation…and what to expect. As soon as the airport in Tel Aviv reopened for flights, I immediately flew to Israel to coordinate our emergency response and rally support for Israel—to be your voice of help and hope to the suffering Jewish people.


While the attack on Saturday, April 13th was Iran’s first direct attack on Israel, it did not come from Iran alone. In addition to launching attacks from their own country, Iran issued orders to their allies and terror proxies to join in. Attacks were launched from five different countries—Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen. The attacks utilized three different types of weapons.


Iran’s Shaheed drones have been used extensively by Russian forces in Ukraine. Sometimes referred to as kamikaze or suicide drones, they are designed to carry a payload of explosives on a one-way mission to their target. Rather than needing a guidance system, they are sent to crash into the target.


Cruise Missiles
These guided missiles are relatively slow and low-flying. Launched on a direct trajectory toward the target, they carry a payload of up to 2,000 pounds of explosives. Because of the limits on their speed, they are vulnerable to counterattacks from missile defenses and even advanced planes like the F-35.


Ballistic Missiles
Ballistic missiles carry a larger payload, and fly on a much higher trajectory and much greater speed. They are targeted prior to launch and do not need to be guided to the target. Only the most advanced missile defense systems (which Israel’s Iron Dome and David’s Sling are) can respond to this kind of attack. It is believed that all of Iran’s drones and cruise missiles were shot down, and that the only missiles that managed to actually strike in Israel were ballistic missiles.


Because of the long flight time of the drones and missiles, there was advance notice of the attack and time to plan a response. In addition to Israel’s own defense, support and countermeasures were provided by both America and the United Kingdom including the use of advanced aircraft. Beyond that, help also came from unlikely sources. Israel’s neighbor Jordan shot down a number of drones that crossed into their air space. This is a major step, as while the two countries have been at peace since 1994, there is widespread support for Hamas and the Palestinians in the country. But King Abdullah still took the unprecedented step of defending Israel from attack. In another surprising move, while the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has not publicly acknowledged their role, it is widely believed that they intercepted attacks launched from Yemen.


Though America’s military provided vital assistance to protect Israel from Iran’s attack, the Biden Administration has made it clear both publicly and privately that they strongly oppose Israel responding to the attack. Iran claimed that they would carry out no further attacks (although it is obvious they have no intention of standing down their terrorist proxies even if they refrain from direct attacks) against Israel.


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