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I’m on my way to the front lines of the war to comfort Israel and mobilize support for those who are suffering. The latest report is that over 700 have been killed, more than 2,000 injured and more than 100 taken hostage. All of those numbers are sadly expected to rise.

Make no mistake, Iran is behind this. Israel is mobilizing reserves and sending them north as well as south because of the threat from Hezbollah in Lebanon. This terrorist group which is equipped, trained, and funded by Iran has more than 400,000 rockets and missiles ready to launch against Israel whenever Iran gives the word.

It is very possible that war with Iran is on the horizon. The U.S. is sending the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford along with its task force of cruisers and destroyers. U.S. Air Force bases in the region are also receiving additional planes to augment their ability to respond to threats.

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