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Not long before my father died, told me that he had dreamed he held some black stones in his hand. His grandfather had given them to his father who then gave them to him. When he tried to pass them along to me, they became white stones in my hand. He wanted to know what that meant, and I replied that the Good Father had broken the generational curse. I would never know those curses, nor would my son or his son.

The following Friday, my grandson Michael David Evans III was born. He will never endure the curse that plagued my family for generations. The power of God has overcome the power of the past. And that power is available to every child of the Good Father.

Over 200 times, the Old Testament describes God as the Lord of hosts—a military term for the angel armies. David used this term more than anyone, and with good reason. David said, “The Lord of hosts is with me.” In Hebrew, the word host means “an army ready and poised for battle.” David also said, “I am kept. The Lord keeps me.” The word kept in Hebrew means “to hedge about as with thorns, to guard, to protect, to attend to.”

The Word of God is true—trust it more than anything else. Believe me when I tell you that your Good Father is much closer than you think. Believe that He is more committed than you think. And believe that God is more ambitious for your life than you think.

What is God saying to you today? Can you hear Him? Listen, He is saying, “Will you allow Me to be the Lord of hosts in your life?” Many Christians do not have a philosophy by which they live—no objectives or goals. One positive thing I can say about my life is that I am focused. When God tells me to do something, nothing in this world can persuade me not to do it. Why is that important? Because many people miss the blessings of God by allowing themselves to be distracted. They stop focusing on God and turn their attention to something else.

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