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A battle is being waged between darkness and light, Babylon and Jerusalem. This is a sure sign that Jesus is coming soon!  The Bible says: “From the tribe of Issachar, there were 200 leaders of the tribe with their relatives.  All these men understood the signs of the times and knew the best course for Israel to take” (1 Chronicles 12:32).  God is calling today to those who understand the times.  For more than four decades, I have seen this battle coming and have been crying out.  The vast majority of Christians laughed in disbelief, but that laughter stopped on 9/11.

The battle has not been won.  Like a tidal wave, judgment is heading toward America again.  Only the remnant that hears what the Spirit of God is saying can stop this coming slaughter.  America is cursing what God has blessed (Israel).  Does the Bible reveal what will happen to a nation that does this?  A thousand times, yes!  Has America’s future been revealed?  A thousand times, yes!  Satan hates the Jews and must stop Israel before the Messiah returns to end his reign.  Prophecy declares that Jerusalem will be united and in Jewish hands when Messiah comes, but Satan’s goal is to divide Jerusalem and stop the prophetic clock that will seal his doom.

We are living in onerous days when men’s hearts fail them for fear!  The Bible tells us to be like the wise virgins, not the foolish ones, and to prepare for His coming. (See Matthew 25.)  The Bible says we can know the season and times, even if we don’t know the day or the hour.  We are in the Last Days.  Look up, for our redemption draws near!  Neither you nor I can remain silent.  The Scriptures call upon us to speak out. (See Isaiah 62:1.)  The battle being fought over Jerusalem is not political; it is prophetical.  It’s not a foreign policy battle; it is a heavenly battle!  The rebirth of Israel was not an unexpected gift from God Almighty; it was prophesied to happen.  America’s very existence, however, is a gift from God Almighty!

America cannot win a battle of defiance against God—no one can!  People of the world’s greatest superpower will wake up one day in total shock because of our pride and arrogance.  We need, instead, to shake ourselves so that we are ready for that day rather than letting it catch us sleeping.  The church in America, by and large, does not fear God.  The Bible warns in Revelation, chapter 22, over and over: “Behold, I am coming quickly!”  Too many pastors mock the message of the coming of the Lord and fail to preach it from their pulpits.  They overlook the prophetic words of Revelation 22:16 that Jesus is the root and offspring of David.  Polluted prophets in the pulpits of America are deceiving the sheep, leading them to the slaughter with their demon-inspired doctrines.

God’s eternal covenant with Israel is mocked.  Too many of our religious leaders fill their Sundays with the unscriptural doctrines of man while rejecting Israel, yet they hold in their hands a Bible written by Jews who all understood the prophetic truths concerning Israel.  These pastors, priests, and rabbis beheld with horror-filled eyes the events of 9/11, but weeks later went back to sleep, dumbing down their congregations with messages from mere mortals rather than from the Holy Word of God.  Today’s New Age doctrine from hell feeds Jew-hatred and is robbing the church of its eternal purpose: the Great Commission of being a witness in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria; and of hearing God—instead of blindly cooperating with the powers of darkness intent on destroying America and Israel.

Jesus mentioned deception as one of the last signs before His return.  The book of Revelation describes a day when countless billions of people will be deluded by the spirits of demons. (See Revelation 16:12–16.)  They choose human favor over the favor of the Lord, wanting to sit next to “great men” in their nation’s capitols rather than sitting next to Jesus in the New Jerusalem; fearing that if they rock the boat by speaking the truth, their names will be erased from their earthly leaders’ list, rather than fearing that their name might be removed from the Lamb’s Book of Life.