I want to share a few more thoughts with you that I had during my daily time with God. These brief musings were jotted down on one of my trips to Israel:

I am sitting by the Sea of Galilee, the primary source of water for the nation of Israel. In Hebrew, it is called Mayim Hayim or “Living Water.” It is symbolic, not only of life-giving water, which is sustaining the nation, but also rivers of living water.

I am reminded of the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:10), and when He spoke at the Sukkot feast (John 7:38). One of the most beautiful prophecies of living water is Ezekiel 47:1-12. The prophet saw a trickle of water coming from beneath the Temple altar and flowing down the southern stairs. As it flowed, it grew deeper and deeper and became a river. It flowed twelve miles wide out of Jerusalem to the Dead Sea. The parched wasteland through which it flowed sprang to life surrounded by plants and trees. The Dead Sea suddenly filled with fish. Today, may God’s living water flow into you and through you.

I am sitting by the Sea of Galilee where Jesus called His disciples, talmid. He told them to go forth and make talmids, disciples of all nations, and He would be with them always (Matthew 38:19-20).

In Jesus’ day, to be a talmid or disciple of a rabbi was an honor. He was expected to have knowledge of the Bible and to live the Scriptures.

A disciple’s goal was to gain the rabbi’s knowledge, but more importantly, he was to take on the rabbi’s character. A disciple would live with a rabbi 24 hours a day, walking from town to town, eating and studying. A rabbi was considered like a father to his disciples. Jesus has left His sweet, precious presence to lead us and guide us to be talmids, disciples. May you follow Him today in discipleship.