February 14, 2017
Putting Christ First Every Day

We have to make sure Christ is the Lord of our lives in order to qualify for His wonderful blessings. But how do we make Him Lord? We must put Christ first in everything, every day! Jesus first. A lost and dying world is staring down the tunnel of eternity; only people who have made Jesus Lord can rescue the multitudes.

Dethrone self daily as you pray with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, “Not my will, Lord, but may Yours be done in my life today.”

God does not consult with me to determine His plan or purpose through me. It is my responsibility to consult with Him. I must be in His will; He has made no provision for me to be in my will. All our prayers can be answered if we understand and live and pray according to this principle.

When self is on the throne of our lives, we can be sure that chaos will be the norm, no matter how religious or sincere we may be. Chaos is a sure sign that we have not been with Jesus Christ. Chaotic Christianity distorts the image of the living Savior. To be sure, a chaotic Christian will never know the abundant Christian life. To them it will only be a myth.

How heartbreaking when we settle for tradition! The habit is formed, but the hunger is lost. Our hunger for God (or lack thereof) is the greatest indicator of who is on the throne of our lives. The flesh desires to conquer the cross, ignore it, and disregard Christ’s lordship. The Cross desires to conquer the flesh and eradicate its lordship! You can be certain that one or the other will win that fight.

In the heart of every believer, the Lord Jesus Christ abides through the person of the Holy Spirit because of the new birth. Those who desire to make Jesus Lord refuse to comfort themselves with past victories. They are not content with being Heaven-gazers like those in the book of Acts whom the angels rebuked. (Acts 1:11). When Jesus is Lord, we will be content with nothing except seeking His face until we see His face.

God is listening for the heartbeat of Jesus in you. When the Father hears it, all Heaven will be authorized to move on your behalf. Our generation has a divine appointment with destiny. What we do with Christ will echo throughout eternity. We must confess that our secular society has repackaged our Christian values and filtered them back to the church in a watered-down form. We must replace that passivity with the active Lordship of Jesus Christ. I encourage you to stand strong in your faith and continue to rely on God’s goodness and love for you.

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