Hands praying over american flagOf course God hears His children wherever we are, when we cry out to Him. But there is no doubt that there is a special place in His heart for the city of Jerusalem. It is the only place on earth He has chosen to put His name, and it is the center of His plan for the future of our world. 

Though the primary focus of the Jerusalem Prayer Team is on the nation of Israel, it is impossible to separate the future of the United States from the Jewish state. The same demonic forces that inspire terrorists and radical Islamists, to attack in the Middle East and Europe are working to bring down America; the reason is because, for so long, we have been a bulwark of support and defense for Israel.

Spiritual warfare can awaken God's people to hear and answer the call before it is too late. There is a lot of focus on the future of our country right now; the key to America's future is not in the White House; it's in the church house.

We must be praying for the nation of Israel, the Jewish people, and our country’s future. The threats that Israel and the western world are facing right now are grave...and getting worse. The only hope for our collective future is Divine intervention.

Today I am asking you to join me in prayer for something that is completely impossible for us...but not for Him. God invites us to join forces before His throne...and when we do, amazing things are going to happen!