"Lali" Espósito and her entourage recently came to experience the interactive Friends of Zion Museum tour, provided in Spanish.  All said they were greatly moved by the stories of the long lasting friendship of many non-Jews of all religions assisting the Jewish people in the last 200 years, during the Holocaust as well as through the reformation of the state of Israel.

"This is my 8th time visiting Israel, and the Friends of Zion Museum was my most moving experience out of all the sights!" said the star at the end of her tour.

Lali's group toured the museum for an hour and a half, watching exhibits delivered via some of the most impressive museum technology in the world, including three-dimensional projection mapping on unique sculptures and complex roto scope animations that bring live-action video footage into a painted media. They learned about the contributions of Friends of Zion such as U.S. President Harry Truman, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, U.S. president's forefather, Prof.George W. Bush, Orde Wingate, and Righteous Among the Nations such as Oskar Schindler, Raoul Wallenberg and the Ten Boom family, who risked their lives to save Jews persecuted throughout the world.

The Friends of Zion Museum honored the Latin star with a special token at the end of her tour, the Friend of Zion Friendship award.