This week, Iran showed signs of continuing its efforts to develop nuclear weapons and strengthening its influence as a terrorist nation.

On Wednesday, Iranian officials announced the opening of a facility to produce the high explosive Octogen. The advanced weapon material is used for increasing the impact of conventional weapons, but it is also a key element in triggering devices for nuclear weapons. The move was seen as a slap in the face of the Obama Administration and the nuclear agreement that supposedly would delay Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

On April 4th, U.S. Navy ships operating in the Arabian Sea intercepted an Iranian vessel carrying hundreds of illegal weapons destined for terrorist groups supported by Iran. It is believed that this particular shipment was destined for Yemen, but Iran often sends weapons to Hamas and Hezbollah for use against Israel. This shipment included rifles, RPG launchers and machine guns. It is the third time in the last two months that an Iranian arms shipment has been intercepted.

Both of these events—happening in the same week—illustrate that Iran has no intention of putting a stop to its development of nuclear weapons or of ceasing to be a terrorist nation. 

Yet, our government is handing the criminals in Tehran hundreds of millions of dollars that they can use to continue arms trafficking and terror say nothing of their nuclear weapons program. This is an outrage—and it is a clear call to action for us to take a stand and do our part in defense of Israel...and our own homes and families as well.  That is why the Friends of Zion Heritage Center is so vitally important as God's plan for the End-Time defense of His Chosen People.