I've been telling you for weeks now that the Iran nuclear deal is a bad one -- bad for Israel, bad for America, bad for everyone in the world except the radical mullahs that rule in Tehran. But as more and more details emerge about what is included in the secret plan, it is becoming clear that the deal is even worse that we feared. After 40 years of watching politicians say one thing and do another it's hard to be shocked, but this is frankly terrifying.

Though the Obama Administration originally insisted on "anytime, anywhere" inspections, they agreed to a deal that left Iran's military facilities off limits to any inspections and required 24 days notice before inspections at other sites. Then we learned that no Americans could be part of any inspection team. Now comes word from Iran that the Iranian government will only allow IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) inspectors that they approve. If it were not so tragic, it would be humorous...but it is deadly serious, and the Jewish state and the Jewish people are at risk as never before.

Today you and I have a unique opportunity to be a light to the world from the Holy City through the wonderful Friends of Zion Museum. Thousands of people from across Israel and around the world are visiting each week, and many more are taking the online tour which has been translated into a dozen languages. This amazing and unique museum is truly a light to the world, and we must not let it stop shining.