Members of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) inspect a tunnel build by Hamas

Israeli military sources confirmed late last week that they have convincing evidence that Hamas is digging new terror tunnels under the border to facilitate attacks on the Jewish people in their homes. Tunnels like these sparked the 50 day conflict last year as Israel tried to destroy the network of terror that leaves their people so vulnerable to sneak attacks.

And Iran is paying for the construction. The same Iranian government that our leaders are preparing to hand $150 billion in exchange for their signatures on a meaningless nuclear agreement will now have much more money to pour into funding attacks on Israel than ever before. The threat from Iran is not just the threat of nuclear weapons, but the threat of covert attacks as well. And unless you and I take a stand to defend and bless and help God's Chosen People, things are going to keep getting worse and worse. We must act now before it is too late.