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Save Jerusalem

Today, Israel is facing the greatest crisis in its modern history. Throughout history, Jerusalem has been conquered by 26 nations and has been leveled to the ground five times. Every nation and world leader that has lifted their hand against Jerusalem has been cursed by God Almighty. Thousands of years ago, He told Abraham…

I will bless them that bless thee, and I will curse him that curseth thee:
and in these shall all families of the earth be blessed.
— Genesis 12:3

There is no greater curse that could be brought on the Jewish people today than to oppose prophecy by dividing Jerusalem and giving it to the terrorists who have sworn to kill the Jews. Yet, that is exactly what is about to take place.

When I was in Israel recently, I was briefed by dozens of top military political and intelligence officials. It is certain that world leaders will unilaterally proclaim a Palestinian state without Israel’s support or input and without any regard for Israel’s safety or security. The proposed plan is intended to sound reasonable, and to cloak its purpose to appease Arab range. And when you understand what it actually involves, you will be shocked.

This evil plot actually calls for splitting Jerusalem in half and giving that half of Israel’s capital to a foreign government who has sworn to destroy Israel. The Palestinians have never renounced their goal of destroying the Jewish people.

Can you imagine giving half of Washington, D.C. to Al Qaeda for the capital city? Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous in your life?

Following World War II, Jews escaped the ovens of Auschwitz to the land of Israel in fulfillment of prophecy. Israel was restored to its rightful home as an independent nation in 1948. Since that time, the Palestinians have demanded they have the land returned to them as a separate Islamic country. Constant terrorist attacks have forced Israel to live in a constant state of high alert.

The Palestinians have refused to even acknowledge Israel’s right to exist. The title deed to Israel belongs to God Almighty. There was no United Nations when God promised the land to Abraham; there was just a group of pagan nations fighting against God’s plan.

Despite all the pressure, Israel hasn’t bowed to the conspiracy by governments of the world … yet. I say yet because America, Israel’s biggest ally for decades, has now joined the world community in supporting this Godless plan. This plan will come to fruition unless Americans say no. One vote by the United States in the Security council can stop all of this and bless Israel instead of cursing her.

Your vote today can help us continue to urge President Obama to make sure America’s vote is cast for Israel. That UN vote and your vote today can change the destiny of both Israel and America. The world that our children and grandchildren live in will be shaped by the actions we take in the next few days in this battle between darkness and light.

In my new book, Cursed, I explain how the European Union, the UN, and the Arab League are putting constant pressure on Israel to divide Jerusalem and establish Islamic Capital #45, a radical Islamic state on Israel’s doorstep, as an appeasement for Arab rage.

Ten nations have already formally recognized Palestine as an independent country, and more are expected to follow suit. The Scripture says in Isaiah 62:

For Zion’s sake I will not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest …You who make mention of the Lord do not sleep … and give him no rest till he establishes and till he makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.
— Isaiah 62:1,6-7

It is so important that we don’t touch prophecy. Establishing this state would give the Palestinians full control of the Temple Mount and Bethlehem, Nazareth, the Jordan River, the Garden Tomb, and many of the places Jesus walked.

That isn’t all!

This new state will take 98 percent of Judea and Samaria away from Israel to become an Islamic nation. To top it off, Israel is being asked for $30 billion as retribution for the Palestinians! World leaders foolishly believe these concessions will pacify Arab rage.

This conspiracy runs deep. President Obama has promised King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia that he would demand that Israel comply with this plan.

This can’t be allowed to happen!

I’m appealing to you to today because America can still stop this great evil. One vote from the US would stop it in its tracks. But that won’t happen unless we speak out now.

As Ambassador of The Jerusalem Prayer Team, I have launched the Save Jerusalem Campaign to make our leaders aware that they must not follow the world’s plan for disaster.

I believe there are enough God-fearing Americans to win this battle if we’ll join together. And I’m asking you to join me in this effort right now.

I have launched the Save Jerusalem campaign to mobilize believers everywhere who understand that we are now in a spiritual war and that we must join in unity to fight and win. The radical Islamists have taken over Egypt and now their foremost goal is to divide Jerusalem and take the next step in the destruction of Israel.

I’m reaching out to the entire nation to join in the Save Jerusalem Campaign. I’m asking you to sign a petition urging President Obama to reaffirm America’s support for Israel that has brought us God’s hand of blessing over the years. These petitions will be delivered to President Obama to urge him to do what is right for Israel and America. Anyone who touches Israel touches the apple of God’s eye. When you join right now, you’ll get a copy of the petition to sign and return so we can deliver them all to the President.

Your generous gift today of $1,000, $100, $50 or more will help make this crucial nationwide campaign to save Jerusalem possible.

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Yours for a $50 GiftFor your generous gift of $50 or more to help the Save Jerusalem Campaign, I’ll send you the petition to sign and return along with a copy of my new book, Cursed. If you love Israel and America, you must have this book. It will show you how nations who have opposed Israel throughout history have been cursed and come to ruin. I exposed the devious plan to take American down the wrong path and how we can band together to make sure our land doesn’t end up cursed, just as all the nations throughout history who have raised their hands against Israel were cursed.


Yours for a $100 Gift


Yours for a $100 GiftFor your generous gift of $100 or more to help the Save Jerusalem Campaign, I’ll send you the petition, the book, Cursed, along with a genuine ram’s horn shofar. For centuries this shofar has been used to make the sound that calls God’s people to prayer, or warn them of danger.




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Yours for a $1000 GiftFor your generous gift of $1000 or more to help the Save Jerusalem Campaign, I’ll send you the book, Cursed, along with a stunning Yemenite ceremonial shofar, which is handcrafted and encrusted with silver. This large, museum-quality instrument is the perfect symbol of the alarm we must sound together before it’s too late. The shofar is also known as the Trumpet of Zion. It’s the symbol of God’s covenant with Abraham, because when God provided the sacrificial ram, Abraham took it by the horn.




When you join the Save Jerusalem Campaign, it’s like shaking hands with the Prime Minister of Israel, as I had the opportunity to do on my last visit.

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