The Suffering Jewish People of Ukraine need YOUR help! - Donate Now
The people of Ukraine are suffering more and more as the war drags on. The utter devastation in much of the country has displaced 10,000,000 from their homes; they’re still in the country, but they can’t go home. Many of them have no homes. Thousands are hungry, with nowhere to buy food even if they could afford it, which many can’t. That’s why our help is so important right now…and that’s why I’m going back. The wonderful generosity of our friends and partners has already provided 60 tons of food…but that doesn’t last long when there are so many in urgent need. We must continue to do all we can to help. And on this trip, I’ll be working to rescue more elderly Holocaust survivors so we can start them on their way to Israel. Please pray that God will protect our team and bless our work with success.

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