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Land for peace is a lie.  If Israel follows this path, it will only lead to death and destruction.  Much of the world is pushing hard to take away the Bible lands from Israel.  They claim that this is the only path to peace.  Now some of the leading candidates for president are taking up that cause and using it to rally support for their campaigns.  But that ignores both God’s prophetic plan and the reality of history.

In 2005, Israel was pressured into giving up Gaza for peace.  It didn’t work.  Tens of thousands of rockets and missiles have been fired into Israel since that withdrawal from Gaza.  Terrorists have dug dozens of tunnels under the border for use in raids against civilian targets.  Israeli soldiers stationed near the border have been kidnapped and either murdered or held for ransom.  Twice Israel has been forced into full scale conflicts to try to lessen the incidence of terror attacks.

Over one million Russian Jews have come to Israel.  Most of them were very poor, and as a result they moved to the south of Israel, near the border with Gaza, where housing was cheaper.  The constant attacks and threats are a huge burden to them.  I have visited in their tiny homes and heard them tell me the stories of the PTSD they suffer because of the danger.

I’ve seen the school playgrounds with bomb shelters built in so the kids can reach safety in time in case of an attack.  I’ve prayed with Rabbi Cohen whose daughter’s legs were blown off when her bus was bombed.  Our Jerusalem Prayer Team members furnished her an advance motorized wheelchair to make her life better.  She is living proof that land for peace is a lie.

Any plan that requires Israel to give up the Bible lands of Judea and Samaria to those who have sworn to destroy the Jewish state and the Jewish people is foolish.  Even worse, it is a direct attack on God’s prophetic promises to the Jewish people.  We must NOT let America be part of this plot to curse Israel.