God’s house today is not a house of prayer. Why are we lying about that? If Jesus came into the average church in America, He would turn over the tables as He did in the Temple because it’s not a place of prayer. There is not red-hot prayer going on there. At best, there is a quick prayer at the end if you want someone to pray for you, but there are no people crying out to God for revival in brokenness and repentance.

How is it possible today, brothers and sisters, that Believers can go to R-rated movies, and they don’t feel convicted but comfortable? How is it possible that the lost, the immoral don’t have to go to bars anymore to pick up girls? They can go to church. The Spirit of God is saying “Your golden calves are coming down, REPENT!” The Spirit is saying “Build your house upon the rock. Repent in prayer. Stop glorifying flesh.”

America is experiencing panic, and you and I are seeing it every day. People are panicking—not just the lost, but Believers. Why? Because they have built their houses on sand and not on the rock. The walls we put up keep us from seeing the face of God. The walls we put up keep us from repenting. God is pulling all of those walls down. As Peter wrote, “The end of all things is near. Therefore be alert and of sober mind so that you may pray” (1 Peter 4:7).  The word “sober” in the Greek means to be calm, collected, good sense, good judgment, good wisdom, and level-headed in times of distress. That is what we have been born to do. The Spirit of God is saying to be sober. Don’t trust in the flesh. Be sober. Seek the face of God and love Him passionately. Return to your first love: passionately love the Savior.

America has an epidemic of backslidden churches, pastored by backslidden pastors who are drunk on their own wine, obsessed with success and numbers, who refuse to preach repentance or the cross. Do you know how you can tell it? Ask yourself one question. When was the last time your pastor got up in the pulpit crying and trembling and said, “I’ve got to repent”? God showed me something this week. This week…not 10 years ago…not 20 years ago. He showed it to me this week. I need to repent and so do you and so do all of God’s people.

Yes, God has allowed the coronavirus to call us into repentance, to stop running and be quiet before Him. God is shutting down our busyness and our businesses because flesh has been on the throne of our lives, and chaos has been the norm. Everything is programmed, the songs, the sermon. There’s not even room for the Holy Ghost. The Spirit is saying, the rains and the floods and the winds will not knock down the house that is built on the rock. The house Jesus is building is intimacy with Christ, Holy Ghost prayer life, a passion for the Word of God and souls, and that building begins with repentance.

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