US and Israel flagsToday, the nation of Israel is surrounded by enemies and facing threats on every side. The dark tide of anti-Semitism that swept over much of the world during the Holocaust 70 years ago is back...and it is growing. Those who hate the Jewish people are growing aggressively bolder in their public statements. Those who wish to retain an air of respectability to mask their hatred talk about Israel as an imperialist or apartheid state.

Teaching Hate

The media in the Arab world is filled with hatred spewed forth on a daily basis. Terrorists who kill innocent Jewish men, women, and children are praised, and their families receive cash awards. Last year, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen (the man who was involved in funding the Munich Olympic massacre of Israeli athletes and coaches), was greeted by the Pope as “an Angel of Peace”! Children are taught through cartoons and coloring books to hate and kill Jews when they grow up. The Jews are called “pigs” and “apes” and mocked relentlessly and continually.

The Internet is spreading this darkness across the rest of the world as well. Would-be jihadists and terrorists in any nation can be indoctrinated in hatred of the Jewish people and be trained in killing without ever leaving home. Claims of the Jews being responsible for economic, military, and even natural disasters, is a daily occurrence.

We Cannot Be Silent

Sadly, even as Israel faces these threats, I am seeing evangelical Christians coming from the United States—some are even pastors of megachurches—attacking the Jewish people. They are teaching against Israel, calling the nation a racist state, and saying Jews do not have the right to Jerusalem, nor to the land. They say all the promises of God to the Jews were canceled at Calvary, and that the Jews are under a curse. That is a demonic lie from hell. It is disguised in the name of a doctrine: Replacement Theology. We are going to stand up against this. The nation of Israel has suffered too much, and we cannot be silent.

That is why the Jerusalem Prayer Team is so vitally important...and why we need you, right now. Your support and partnership with the Jerusalem Prayer Team helps us stand up and speak out for Israel, and to meet urgent humanitarian needs among the poor Jewish people living in Israel. Thank you so much for being a part of this vital worldwide prayer movement.