April 19, 2016
Monday’s bus bombing in Jerusalem sparks fears of a new intifada

The latest terror attack in Jerusalem on Monday left nearly two dozen people injured when a terrorist bomb exploded on a bus in south Jerusalem. It was the first bombing in the Holy City in more than 10 years, though there have been many other kinds of terrorist attacks on a regular basis. It is just the latest reminder of the demonic hatred toward the Jewish people that is driving the enemies of Israel.

The bombing follows the recent string of knife, stone and vehicle attacks in and around the Holy City and has sparked fears of a new intifada—a wave of violence on the part of Palestinian terorrists. The explosive attack was the first of its kind in more than a decade and represents a dangerous escalation in violence. “There is no doubt that this was a terror attack,” Jerusalem police commissioner Yoram Halevy said. He said it was too early to know the identity of the attacker or if it was a suicide bombing. “We are investigating where the explosive device came from, who planted it, and how it got on the bus. All this is in the initial stages of investigation,” he said.

Even as the world puts pressure on Israel to make more and more concessions to the Palestinians, the real nature of the demands of the enemies of the Jewish people becomes more evident. They want nothing less than to finish the job that Hitler started. They want to see Israel destroyed and the Jewish people eliminated.

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