Seventy years ago, the world closed its eyes, its ears, and its heart to the cry of Jewish People being slaughtered by the millions and allowed the Holocaust to continue. We must step forward and stand in the gap for Israel's deliverance. We must not be silent. We must intercede with the full force of our prayers and our faith.

The threat against Israel today is the most serious the Jewish state has faced since her rebirth in 1948. Today, we must do all that we can to stand in the gap to deliver Israel from destruction. Today, I am more certain than ever that God has a crucial role for us to play in this vital spiritual battle.

As I prayed this morning, I cried out to God for the defense of my Jewish brothers and sisters in the words of Psalm 74:10, "O God, how long shall the adversary reproach? Shall the enemy blaspheme Thy name forever?"

It seems like every day I read a new report of another threat or danger to the Jewish people, and the human toll of these evil attacks on the innocent is overwhelming. So many times in the past I have held weeping parents by the bed of an injured child and prayed for their healing and comfort.

Together, we must show the Jewish people that they are not alone--that their Christian friends around the world are standing with them during these dark and difficult days. The Friends of Zion Heritage Center is a crucial part of this outreach. So much good has come from this exciting new center of ministry to the Jewish people.